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Cover Bald Areas With A
Bridge by

Braids by Bee

Braids by Bee customize bridge for bald area with clients who has natural dreads.

Bee creates a custom made bridge braiding into scalp and dreads are reattached to cover areas of balding as we treat that area.  My true intentions at Braids by Bee is to merely solve a solution for now while we grow back that area of get to the root cause the problem.  Bee will talk with each client individually to find out the root of the problem.  We will then discuss options to treat that area and as hair grows in we help it to look its best.  Bee main goal is to help those with issues of growth on Loc journeys.  Some clients have grown there hair for more than 10-20 years and start having thin roots and breakage they cannot explain in most cases. My own theory is that after years of growth your hair becomes heavy.  After years of growth your hair no longer grows in the same thickness it use to grow when you were younger.  So thought out the years if you wanna keep this look and avoid breakage  you have to start using preventive methods.  Bee invented technique was first discovered helping those in need that had Real Dreadlock Issues that needed a specialist to emphasis on different techniques that can be done to keep up the persons Look the try and uphold for all the years of there journey.    

Braids by Bee customize bridge for bald area with clients who has natural dreads.

Cover Bald Spot with Braids or Dreads

Instantly repair balding areas with dreads.

Cover Bald areas with Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

This is clients real Locs she has grown for over 20 years.  However she had thinning out issues in middle her hair fell out.  She needed a bridge added and middle filled in.  

bald areas are covered with Braids by Bee custom bridges of instantLoc Dreads.

Cover Bald areas with Bee's Creative custom made cover up 

This is Client real Locs she has grown over 20 years.  Her locs was started as sisterlocs and is very thin Locs however she had issues of thin locs in middle and accumulated a bald area that soon needed my expertise at Braids By Bee™.

InstantLoc Dreads created to cover balding areas and repair her natural locs to brand new.

Repair your Natural Locs and cover bald area with Bee's recommendations

This is Client real Locs she had thinning issues and hair fell out in middle and front area of hair line.  She wanted Bee's expertise on what can be done to cover area and keep up as well as treat this area for regrowth.