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Instant Loc Repairs

At Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc.™ all clients are Vip Clients.  Every client has a different situation.  And all the clients I come across think there hair is the worst I ever seen.  No I have not come across any Locs that I could not repair.  We as a Hair artist have to be creative due to everyone situation being delicately different  For this situation I had to create a Bridge with Instantlocs™ so I can fill in that area.  


At Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc.™ we start your journey with our Instantlocs™ Technique. Dreads started out the wrong way and you need them to be neaten up and enhanced.  We can give you Sisterloc Instantly Dreads that will continue to grow as thin locs which are known as sisterlocs.  You don't have to ever remove hair that was added to create InstantLocs™ Dread Extensions. Loc repairs are different for everyone. However everyone that repairs there natural locs have been very happy with results.

Loc Repairs @
Braids By Bee


The Braiding Depot inc.

Loc Repairs are for those who have dreads already and has gained a balding area or dreads that has thinned out on top and cause a space on top of head  Braids by Bee can reposition some of your Locs or give you some InstantLoc Dread Extensions to Repair your Locs.

This client also has a balding issue on top of head.  She has not been able to where here hair down in fear of the areas that is lack o locs.  We reinforced all her Locs from roots.  We then added Instantlocs to her bridge applied to in the area that is lack of hair.  WE then fill up that area and give her a full head of Locs.  She will get her bridge tighten when she come ins for maintainance as normal.  Maint is every 6-8 weeks. We repair Your Natural Locs in one day at Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. 

Bee does this by appointments only and can be booked on site on appointment tab
Dread Repairs at Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc. is again different for everyone.  Repairs may mean you want loose strands to be neaten and attached to your current dreads permanently.  Bee has a solution to resolve this problem for this type of hair and works for most hair textures.  Wrapping your roots is what Bee calls Reinforcing your Roots.  What does this do to your locs.  Well this reinforces the roots from thinning out and helps roots stay tighten longer which helps dreadlocks grow neatly,  This method is used by Bee @ Braids by Bee 
Bee offers kids services and adult services by appointments only

Re-attaching your own Dreadlocks is a form of Repairing Your Locs.  How does Bee do it, well for demonstration you can come in for a consult.  BraidsbyBee is also known as the Dread Doctor creating makeovers like no other.  Not only Loc Repairs but can create Instantlocs™ from scratch well known for these type of  makeovers.  

Bee Invented Her own techniques and Invented the InstantLocs technique, Invented the Re-attachment method, Invented the reinforcement method, invented the Relocating method, Invented the Reconstructive repair process with combination of her InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique.

Repair Natural Dreadlocks

Braids by Bee fix bald spots by creating a full head of instantloc dread extensions that will become permanent by growing out roots and maintaining like normal dreads

There are some that start dreadlocks and didn't know they would have a balding area that doesn't grow as much as another area in the hair.  Most of the time this is hereditary.  Some has has that grows in this area that Bee can install InstantLoc Dread Extensions in that area and reinforce others to fill in areas that don't grow on its on.  The hair Braids by Bee™ uses is 100% organic human hair that is used as a bandage to correct deadlock issues or create fill ins for areas that are missing dreads.  In most cases client have hair that has fallen out and some cases hair has never grown in this area.  If hair is bought in then Bee re-attaches the dreads to an area that is needed.  

Picture on your left is hair before I started repairing and adding hair in the middle area that is needed.  When this procedure is done.  InstantLoc Dread Extensions are permanent and you may alway need to add hair when hair grows out in roots to keep up this look.  Reason is because your hair was already thin when started and now your locs will become heavy and you will need to always reinforce dreadlocks roots to keep growth and keep dreads long and healthy.  And reinforcing the roots ensures they are not to heavy to carry on your thin roots.  

Repairing Your Locs also means Re-Attach your Natural Locs by Bee with my own technique on how it won't be detectable and will give you your look back in one day with Braids  by Bee methods. 

Loc Repairs
 on Natural Long Dreadlocks @ BraidsbyBee

Loc Repairs for all type and texture hair of natural dreadlocks.  Instantloc Dread Extensions is a technique that can start Locs or repair Real Dreadlocks.
Want to start Locs on kids? Yes Bee does this too.  Start InstantLocs on kids natural hair that is damaged.
Instantly repair and fix all your dreadlock issues by coming to the Dread Doctor Braids By Bee specialize in repairing natural dreads.

Have you notice that your roots are no longer growing in thick. Well this is what Bee means when she says she can reinforce your roots.  This type of maintenance Yes I am adding hair to your roots but this is the reinforcement you need to carry the weight of your now heavy dreads that are growing on thin roots. Don't wait for them to break off.  Repair your Locs today with Braids By Bee proven technique. 

Repair your Dreads.

Braids By Bee is known to create customized solution for those dread heads who has a balding patch.  A person who dreads may have thinned out in roots and fell out,  A person who was in a tussle and ones dreadlocks was pulled out.  What do they do?  They bring those Dreads to Dr. Bee and she uses her once again proven techniques to reattach those Dreads that are missing.

Braids by Bee repairs natural dreadlocks to restore from thinning and balding areas.  Dread sometimes need repairs due to normal wear and tear and styling.  Its normal to lose a dread or two which is why Bee started her own technique of repairing natural locs.

Before repairs done and After work is completed look at the difference and this sort of maint. will last up to 3 months. with no loose roots or hair around roots except new growth. 

Repair those dreads Braids by Bee does makeover for dreadlock clients that are unforeseen.

At Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc. clients know who to come to when they want the best on there crown.  This customer lost touch with me over 2 years haven't seen me and won't let anyone else touch his hair.  By the time he saw me he needed a big repair job.  This repair included cutting half of his dreads off cause he said it was too long now.  Then used those same Locs to fix the short one in the front and back that has popped off from regular wear and tear.  This client was too happy for the major work I did that saved his Locs.  He said to me Bee, If I didn't find you I would have either cut them off or let it grow into one.  

Repairing Locs is different for everyone.  Some balding areas occur in different areas for everyone and each bridge created by Bee has to be customized to solve clients problem.  

Braids By Bee Videos 

Bee starts dreadlocks on grey natural straight caucasian hair with Insantloc Dread Extensions method.

The video above shows one of my clients talking about what I do in 2011, I have been creating and repairing Locs for over 20 years and discovered my gift was needed in all cultures.  This clients explains in the video why I have a wide range of clients with all texture hair and it doesn't matter with my technique of giving you InstantLocs.  This client comes to me 2 times a year thats only cause he loves the messy look and likes to maintain them himself and come to me for the big fixes.  As the years I was able to watch his hair grow and he loves love loves his Locs and has been loyal to me ever since day one. 

Braids by Bee repairs thin natural Locs with her own techniques.
Instantly loc up your hair with Braids by Bee technique of InstantLoc Dread Extensions done with human hair that will match any hair color.
Bee adds color to dreadlocks without dying dreads

Sometimes your Natural Locs need repairs before damages can result to this look.  When thin roots are not reinforced in time they pop off and causes balding which then you have to wait for growth to come back in for any type of repairs that can be done.  Bee is an artist and creates ways to cover up and treat area until growth is available for reattachment of your own natural Dreads. Bee often ask clients to keep all dreads that has fallen out and bring in with you on day of appointment to have repaired.  

Braids by Bee repairs Natural Dreadlocks to brand new with her own techniques