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 Xcellent job done on my hair! Quality of work was definitely impressive!

Melanie Acevedo - Another  Satisfied Lifetime Client, started Loc JOURNEY

Naomi K. 

Client from Tennessee

Good day, 
I've seen your work and would like your help to make my locks healthy again.  I want to go back to my regular hair color and you fill in the balled areas.  With these pictures  hopefully you can give me a price...I'm hoping for an appointment the second or third week in March 2017...I'll make the deposit to lock my appointment in place. May you also give me an estimate time on about how long this will take.. because I'll either have to fly out or drive to Florida..i live in Tn. My number  is 904-xxx-xxxx. 

David O.

Drove from Jacksonville

Good Evening Bee,
I just became a member on your website.I've been encouraged by reading about your progressive, innovative and unique hair design techniques. I am in need of your professional expertise. My once thought carefree locks, after 6 years of "Freestyle" growth, have grown together and  are rapidly deteriorating.Quite frankly they are beginning to look mangy and unkempt. I now even have a slight bald spot that is expanding with the pressure my clump of hair is placing on the rest of my scalp. I have attached a few pictures of my hair to illustrate. My hairstylist advised that to fix..I'm going to lose some dreds and, quite frankly, implied that cutting off and starting over may be the only option. I want your professional opinion. I live in Jacksonville, Fl but will travel to you for a consultation and(hopefully) hair restoration. I need to have an accurate projection of cost and will provide additional photos, a deposit, and anything else needed. I look forward to hearing from

Bee responds with the light in the tunnel he was hoping to see. With details of what can be done and what will be done during the repair process.  And if he flew in his time will be scheduled with 2 stylist working on him at once and will be done within 6 hours. 

Good Evening Bee,
I couldn't be more delighted by your encouraging prognosis. Finally, a bright light and the end of a dark and lonely tunnel. Your expertise is highly valued. I have carefully reviewed your testimonials and you have a remarkable body of work.I humbly await your response. God bless Bee..you do amazing work. Thanks for your consideration.