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Natural Dreads

InstantLoc Dread Extensions trademark logo
Start Your sisterlocs with a little help with Braids by Bee trademark services called InstantLoc Dread Extensions which can be done in any size.
Start Your Micro size what we call Brotherlocs for Men with Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions Method.
Braids by Bee known logo for Dreads by Bee
Sisterloc InstantLoc Dread Extensions done on kids who decides to permanently start dreadlocks.

My 10 year old client here natural hair was out of control. Her mom wanted to invest in Sisterloc Dread Extensions for her daughter to make her happy.  She was extremely a different person after her hair was done.  This picture to the right is her 3 months later.  Her hair has grown and she continues her journey of growing out her natural hair in style.   

Instantly start dreads with braids by bee and continue to get maintenance done by Bee/

When client came back for upkeep of her InstantLoc  Sisterloc Extensions and we washed it and palm roll her roots and styled it.  She continues her journey with growing out her natural roots an we palm roll her roots after a full wash.  Dries in 45 minutes and she was on her way. Starting Natural Dreads is done everyday at Braids By Bee.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions done in one day at Braids by Bee to start dreadlock Journey.

The fastest way for you to start natural dreads is with Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc. technique of installing InstantLoc Dread Extensions to your own hair which will become permanent dreads that you continue to retwist roots as it grows out. 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions done by Bee in sisterloc micro size done on permed hair.

Sisterloc Natural Dreads started with Braids by Bee technique of InstantLoc Dread Extensions this is 1 year later of growth. 

Braids by Bee offers Sisterloc size InstantLoc Dread Extensions in any length you request.
InstantLoc Sisterloc Dread Exetensions by Braids by Bee
 Sisterloc InstantLoc Dread Extensions done to start Locs naturally and can be matched on any client.  Also can be done same length once done this is permanent.

SisterLocks are small locs however these are InstantLoc Dread Extensions done in the smallest size possible on natural hair.  These will start your journey for small thin parted size dreads.  For those who wants dreads now and don't want to wait for the stages of what it takes to start Locs Naturally. Bee creates Instantlocs on your head with what you have now by adding strands of Human hair to yours wrapping around your own hair to create Instant Dreadlocks.  These Dreadlocks continue to grow and we simply palm roll or interlock roots as needed.

InstantLoc Sisterloc dread extensions done in multicolor permanently installed.
InstantLoc Dread Extensions official logo as trademarked services
Sisterloc Dread Extensions done within one day at Braids by Bee

She wanted to start natural dreads in Sisterloc Size however didn't want to go thru and rough stages and didn't want to bleach her hair to accomplish this look.  With Braids by Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ method it was done in one day, this was the day it was installed.