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About Bee the Owner of Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.™

Our Team

Masters at Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. 

Benite Corion

Chief Executive Officer & Stylist
Benite is the Founder & Owner of Braids By Bee and runs services rendered at her salon only by appointments.

Sariah Dodier

Executive Assistant 
Sariah is Bee's assistant at Braids By Bee rendering services by appointments only when confirmed with deposits paid in advance. 

Bianca Corion

Marketing Director
Bianca is Braids By Bee Receptionist and Marketing Director responsible to reply to clients email, text, and request for appointments as well as social media marketing. 


Owner of Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc. 

Benite Corion aka BraidsbyBee is known by her community and the most reliable professional you can find in the business. I Was born in Brooklyn NY, and parents are both born in Haiti.   Bee passion for Braids started from 12 years old when I use to help my sister complete micro plaitts what some call box braids from home.  My interest grew more than hers she pursued her career in Nursing and I studied for Business. My interest grew due to the demand that there was for braids growing up.  I always stuck out everything I pursue.  I have customers from when I was 16 yrs old following me today, still friends with today, and if they are no longer my clients I'm now doing there kids hair or siblings or some family members of one I knew long ago.  I then explored even more by Creating Beautiful dread locs from scratch at an early age.  I was just doing hair for fun back then.  I grew a passion for creating design corn row braids for Boys in the neighborhood and in school.  I was always known to be braiding someones hair or twisting dreads. I then grew from doing it as a hobby and made it into my part time business.  I enjoyed working as an Office Manager for many Corporations so I worked a 9-5 then did hair on the weekends.  Bee then moved to Florida and kept the same pace however there came the Market Crash and I was laid off.  I thank God Yahweh that I was blessed with this gift that I called my side Hobby.  Side Hobby became my Main Job.  I worked in 2 local Barber shops by appointments only for a period of 10 years. I was Blessed to have the opportunity to start at Around the Way Kutz which is now The Jumpoff Spot located in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  Then I was at Cutmasters Barbershop for 5 years which I will always appreciate what they both (salons)  taught me and the clientele I was able to build, working for these two barbershops.  I always worked by appointments and this system works for me and the clients appreciate it.  In May of 2011 Bee open her own Upscale shop located in Sunrise, FL.  This is the first known shop to have this type of platform  system implemented the way that it is.  BraidsbyBee offers many outlets to make and appointment or reach out to her via text or email.  Sometimes takes time for a response, however will reply to all form of messages.   Bee allows you to pay via cash, or credit card in advance.  BraidsbyBee allows you to book your appointments online as well as pay online.  BraidsbyBee shows her work and only work done at Braids by Bee is advertised on any website that is associated with BraidsbyBee, social site, business card and ad.  Bee designed this establishment to offer what is not found in this industry to those professionals looking for a reliable stylist and salon. Bee even allows reviews online on her site to be displayed on the work that comes out of Braids by Bee At The Braiding Depot Inc. Bee provides a comfortable environment and offers express service by working by appointments and not allowing salon to be a Walk in type salon.  Clients do walk in to book appointments for the future, pay deposits or sometimes get advice and look at our books in salon before booking.  I have been known in this industry and have went by alias such as DreadsbyBee, Hairextensionsbybee, BraidsbyBee, BraidsbyB, Instant Dreads By Bee, DreadextensionsbyBee, TheBraidingDepot, and Braids By Bee At The Braiding Depot inc.  I have most domain names and sites available under those Hashtag titles.  I have pages that I share my work such as Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Thumbtack, Facebook, and my various sites to see my work.  As of 2013, Bee has two daughters that has been trained with some of Bee skills that allows Bee to have an assistant at times.  Through the years the clients have grown tremendously.  I have been blessed to travel at times and take some appointments on the road as well as have many clients fly in from all over the world to get my services.  I have learned there is a need for this type of service and have been serving my community ever since.


         Quick View  on BraidsByBee at The Braiding Depot Inc.™ , Born in Brooklyn NY, and moved to Miami Florida October of 1999 to seek a better life for my kids.  BraidsbyBee found a need for professional Hair Braiders in Florida and knew she can depend on her clientele to keep her in business.  3 years later BraidsByBee at The Braiding Depot inc. has grew 85% of her clientele to the community that she serves.  Many travel from different states such as GA, TN, IL, CA, TX, SC, LA, AL, NV, MO, NY, NJ, PA, RI,   and countries such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Haiti,  The Bahamas, Mexico, Iran, Trinidad, Virgin Island, and Peru. to visit BraidsbyBee's at The Braiding Depot Inc. for our expertise in Fixing or Starting Natural Locs or Start Instant Dreads also known as Dread Extensions.   We also specialize in techniques such as interlocking, genie locs, Comb twist dreads, Back Combing Natural hair, Instant Dread Extensions.  Not only BraidsbyBee is professional, BraidsbyBee at The Braiding Depot Inc. is a need in the community she serves and has become and essential part of many clients lives.  Bee can proudly say her and her staff has grew a wide family of clients that depends on our service that makes us proud to stay in Business.  We at BraidsbyBee At The Braiding Depot Inc.  strive every day to give the highest quality of service to her clients.  BraidsbyBee is also short for Benite which Bee finds difficult to pronounce to many so therefore nickname orginates from my first name (initial).  Bee at this time is working on a magazine, teaching classes, publishing and promoting ads for Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.  BraidsByBee has been doing this type of Service for 23 years in counting and hopes to continue to be the best Hair stylist and Service provider in the Business.  Bee has been featured on many magazines such as Bijoix, Sharpsaver, and many Blogs have been written about Braids by Bee Services.  Bee also has over 1000 reviews all over the web and has the first 3 pages of Google with all that BraidsbyBee has done within the years of being in Business.  Bee also provides One on One services for Celebs and there designated hair stylist for all there hair needs before any of there shows.  Bee Offers Vip services for those type of clients, however to Bee everyone is VIP.   Without all of you Bee will not be so successful, I give thanks to having a purpose and give thanks to all of you who come into Braids by Bee At the Braiding Depot and get any service we provide.  All those who enter BraidsbyBee @ The Braiding Depot as guest leave as friends.  Thanks for reading all about Bee. 

We've loved every minute of our journey


An Idea is Born

Bee goes on her own an continues to offer services privately. Braids by Bee clients enjoy the private appointments. 

Why This Profession? You ask? 

I made it my Profession, Now my Career Move?.  I am dedicated and always take it to the next level, I am professional, and Reliable and Only work with Quality.

From Ny where Braiding shops are found all over, Moved to Fl where it was hard to make it as a Career didn't no at all that there was a need for this.  I constantly heard from clients how hard it was to rely on a stylist in Fl, How hard it was to find a Braider in a Salon.  The Nightmare stories clients would tell me I never knew that customers actually went thru hell and back to get there hair done.  I always worked with Men which never give those kind of problems so I was astounded to here such unprofessionalism in the industry of Hair and Salons.  

I often hear a client say they took the day off that they spoke with this person many times before booking however when the day arrived they called and stylist will not pick up call.  Not only client wasted there time and day off they have to find another stylist under pressure.  This is the worst time to look for someone cause it never is a good outcome so you end up having a nightmare either way you look at it.  I felt so sorry for these clients.  I saw the need in them to just have someone they can rely on.  I saw many clients travel from far to come to my shop just because they could not find a reliable person, in a salon, and that would do styles that would take 6-8 hrs.  I was determine to make a difference in this market and show that yes someone can be reliable and dependable and professional in this line of work.  I have been in business for myself for over 15 years only had my salon for over 3 years.  I can honestly say Business has been great and our clientele has been awesome.  We get the professionals, the Divas, The No bullshitters who wants Quality work and knows the Worth of such Quality work.   

Simple! There is a Need for Professional Hair Braiders and Locticians.

I started working in Barbershops due to someone calling me asking me to come work for them simple as that, 

I loved it, they were open 7 days a week, I was my own boss and there were no shops in the neighborhood for my line of work.  Braiders were simply working at home not in shops.   So I stuck to Barbershops.  Bee found the need to bring a Braiding Shop to South Florida, an Upscale, comfortable, professional environment.  You can enjoy Wifi service, watch Hi-def Television (movies), and get Professional Braids by licensed and Respectable Stylist.  

Bee respects your time and works by appointments simply to keep it professional and don't like anybody waiting. Bee takes all appointments Seriously.  Bee passion is repairing locs and braiding watching hair grow is pleasurable and Bee look forward to making your Hair Exactly How You Want it!  

Photos of Braids will be updated every month.  Thanks for viewing my site.

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Thanks to all who take the time to read everything Bee has to say about Hair, 

Thanks for your continuous Support, Thanks for your Business in Advance, Bee values and appreciates everyone who walks thru the Doors of THE BRAIDING DEPOT Inc.  Also special thanks to those who allow me to take pictures and share my work with the world.  Thanks a million :)  And First and foremost I thank God Almighty Yahweh for giving me this talent I have to help others and share with the world.



Bee offers initial consultations to suggest what is best for your hair.  Consultations is $150 (30 min long) 

Experts only @ Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. Serve her Community for over 20 years.


Find us on most social networks sites as Braidsbybee.  Documented all over the net.