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Instantloc Dread Extensions™

The United states patent and trademark office is an agency in the U.S. Department of Commerce that issues patents to inventors or businesses for their inventions and trademark and intellectual property identification.  

Benite Corion aka Braids by Bee invented Instantloc Dread Extensions™ since 1993.  USPTO issued a patent to Braids By Bee for her services Bee aka. The Dread Doctor, the owner of Braids by Bee @ the Braiding Depot inc. aka DreadsbyBee, and I’m here to offer a new, unique and amazing high-quality hair braiding product miles ahead of any competition you can find! 


InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

Over the last few decades, Dreadlocks and Braids have integrated themselves into popular culture and are considered hugely fashionable in many circles. Lots of young people have decided to go in for the look with mixed results depending on who they go to, to get their  dreads done. With customers pouring in from all sorts of income brackets, it’s not surprising that the product they get varies significantly in terms of quality too. As we know high quality products cost money, and when it comes to dreadlocks, you really do get what you pay for.

A lot of people today want the look but do not wish to invest in high quality products that use real hair. Instead, they prefer to invest in products that use synthetic hair and are hence much cheaper. However, such products come with hidden costs in terms of the look and its longevity. For example, I’ve seen many young people today go in for a product called Faux Locs, which uses low-cost synthetic hair called Marley Hair, and then come around to my shop to correct their errors because they weren’t satisfied with the fake hair. Faux Locs have been known to get sticky and tangle together as well and get way too frizzy. In some cases they unravel and look to shiny implying they are synthetic dreadlocks.  Another thing I’ve heard users complain about is the sheer weight of those things and how painful it can sometimes be to be hauling those extra pounds on your head.

My product, InstantLoc Dread Extensions™, side steps all these problems and gives you a natural, long term look free of hassles. I use real, high quality, organic hair in my extensions ™

Braids By Bee created InstantLoc Dread Extensions and this logo is the official logo.

How to get in touch with Bee™

Bee Consultations are 
$150.00 for 30 minutes 


You  just decided you want to start your dreadlocks journey.  All you know is that you want neat and perfect dreadlocks.  You wanna do your research and find the best loctician out there.  Well start off with a consultation to find out the experts opinion on your type of hair.  You have come to the Best loctician in the world who can start with any texture hair.  Specializing in starting dreads with many different techniques including her own brand of dread extensions called InstantLocs.  You wanna get an idea of pricing, how It looks how long it will take, gaurantees that the hair I use is human hair.  You have many of questions well if your serious it starts off with Consulting with Braids By Bee™ @ The Braiding Depot inc. first.

What you wanna know before starting.

Did you know every texture hair is different and dreadlocks can be started on any texture hair? Did you know that Bee specialize in starting dreads with Extensions.  However though out the 30 years of starting dreads for many clients today she discovered everyone has different taste.  Everyone has different issues starting out.  Many need some enhancements or some not but can use the techniques Bee has invented due to wanting perfect dreadlocks.  Due to these reason you need a consultation, Bee will need to see pictures of your hair status starting off and then she can make recommendations to you and give you options to choose from.  

How will you maintain your new look 

Starting your Dreads you will need to maintain them now.  Maintaining dreads is gonna be a challenge if your not use to getting your hair done.  Starting means you will want to keep them up they are not just a one time thing.  They have to be washed every month and for dread extensions reinforcement is needed in roots every 6-8 weeks.  As your hair grows it will require maintenance.

Contact Bee 

Contact Bee via Text 954-297-5466 or email BraidsbyBee@aol.com you will need to send me Pictures of your hair current status as well as pictures of what you want done (similar) for examples.  Also brief description of what you want done, how big and small you want them and how soon.  Bee will have to review pictures and read your description of issues.  Bee has to go thru photos and make recommendations and sometimes give more than one option for solutions or remedies Bee comes up with. 
Bee also has Snap Chat, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Websites Forms many ways to get in touch with me however fastest option is TEXT.   "BraidsbyBee"  

Bee charges for Expert Advice on Dreadlocks  
Consultation $150 
30 minutes  

Bee takes time out to review photos and emails/texts regarding your issues.  Takes time to consult each client and recommend options to suit your needs.  Everyone is different.  Bee specialize in starting dreadlocks with Extensions as well as repair natural dreadlocks with he own techniques, if you want a clear explanation of the services offered.  Bee takes those serious that is willing to do consultation first before prior visits of repairs or installs.  Everyone is different and unique and deserves there own time.  This gives Bee the opportunity to review your pictures, answer your emails, and answer all the questions you may have within 30 minutes of paying your invoice the consult will Begin.  Bee consults many clients that are not local and cannot make it in person for Bee to look at hair in person.  Pictures will do just fine.  Send me as much as you want to show me your issues and Bee will tell you what she can do which are normally unconventional options that no one has ever offered.  

Does this Consultation Fee goes towards the Install Fee or Repairs Fee.

No, Fee is not deducted from your decisions of getting installation or getting repairs done by Bee™.  This Fee is totally separate and you are paying Bee for her expertise in starting dreadlocks or repairing dreadlocks for your particular hair type. Consultation is a service offered to start dreads or to repair dreadlocks from an expert that has experience dealing with many texture and issues that has occurred with growing dreadlocks.  Bee™ served 7 years of consulting for Free to the point she has experience a ton of knowledge and experience and demand has been extremely high.  Sometimes these consultations would take time away from clients who want serious services done however Bee is one person and will run out of time.  This fee is for those that are serious and wants expert advice before making the decision of repairing locs or Starrting Permanent Dread Extensions.  Bee takes time to answer your questions as well as tell you how to care for your hair in the future visits.  

InstantLocs™ is done in sort of the same technique to apply it to your hair as faux locs, but the difference the quality of hair used to make our Instanatlocs look authentic because our hair being used is Organic.  The best part of our Instantlocs is that you can grow out your natural hair with this hair never having to remove it.  This hair grows with your hair as a protective style and instant way of starting your locs without going thru the ugly stages of waiting for it to lock up.   Bee method of Dread Extensions the fastest way to have Natural Dreads Bee calls hers InstantLocs™.  No more ugly stages, with BraidsByBee Techniques @  Braids by Bee at The Braiding Depot Inc. #1 Salon in South Florida that caters to Dreads, Braids, Twist, Crochet Braids, Sewn in Weft, Natural hair. #1 Salon in South Florida with 5 Star reviews. #1 Salon in South Florida that offers appointments, Deposits, and offers express service.  #1 Salon that caters to Natural hair remedies, Fixes, Repairs, Solutions for growing your natural hair long. #1 Salon that has won multiple Braiding Contest from Peoples Choice Magazine that keeps us motivated. Upscale Hair Salon caters to you for Dreadlocks with Class. 


Bee have been starting Dreads and Braiding Hair over 

30 Yrs. of  Bee's Experience includes 

starting Dreads, Maintaining Dread locs, 

recommending fixes for dreads is my expertise, this includes 

Retwist, Interlock as well as STYLE THEM.   Bee reinforces dreads, reposition dreads, color dreads, remove lint from dreads, even out dreads, fix bald spots, fix thin locs, fix broken dreads, grow back dreads.  Bee, had to create some of these names for this kind of specialty services due to the fact Bee, offer many options never heard of before.


We Reinforce Dreads, We enhance dreads, We create instant locks

methods, for all different types of dread solutions that is only offered @ Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.   



(choice of palm roll twist or interlock roots)  



Braids by Bee starts dreads on Caucasian hair texture and instant locs is for everyone.

I have created my own methods in growing and starting Dreads from scratch that Bee is well known for.  BraidsbyBee dreads are known to be natural, lifelong lasting dreads.  The dreadlocks Bee creates from scratch installed on your hair will be yours permanently forever yours.  You will be able to wash it, style it, color it do as you please soon as installed.  (we don't recommend coloring at home must be done by professional).  However your dreads are done with the highest quality human hair added to enhance and create your locks instantly.   

Bee does Dreadlock Extensions which is a rare type of style if you want the Instant look of Dreads. Depending on choice of hair Human or synthetic used,  you can choose to keep 

in your hair forever. ** I only use synthetic hair if your hair is a rare color can't be found in human hair.  Other than that Human hair is best option for realistic look as well as your able to keep it in for life.  Synthetic hair will begin to scratch and itch after a while due to the synthetic fibers.

  So in other words if you had permed hair but thought you had to cut your hair off to start over, your wrong.  Bee can start your locks with the length of hair you have now.  Instant locks Bee calls it, is a way of starting locks without having to go thru the rough ugly stages.  Grow out your natural roots till we can palm roll twist your roots just like normal dreadlocks.  You can continue to add more  hair to roots of extensions to roots when coming in to do your maintenance after 4-5 weeks, or retwist your natural roots to start our own lock naturally.  Most people with thin hair choose to add more hair every time they do maintainance, however those with thicker new growth natural hair can start there own naturally by just palm roll twisting roots. 

Bee also re-attaches your natural dreadlocks that you may have cut off years ago, however want your look back.  Bee will have your look back in one day.  With Bee techniques at Braidsbybee everyone will think your hair grew back overnight, best part about it you can say you decided you wanted your dreads back and your found just the right person to make it happen.  You will be amazed with the work we have done with re-attaching someones natural locks.  We also have clients that has purchased dreads from online or was given natural healthy looking dreads from a family member and we have attached it to your own hair to make it your own.  Now if you don't have any dread at all, or just want dread extensions well we can do that too.  We create dreads any size, length and color and giving them a better look then they originally had with the extra length this process may add.  We match your hair color, we recommend the best process or best options for your hair.  We will offer you options never heard of before because this is what we specialize in.  

Dread locks have been around for a long time. Over the years people have come up with a number of ways to make them. On this site I'm going to tell you 9 different ways to make them, how to maintain them, show you my dreadlocks pictures, and tell you about the history of dreadlocks.


"In the first three weeks your dreadlocks be will very delicate and you'll want to wash them about

 every 6-7 days. After they have had a chance to establish themselves

 a bit you can begin washing them every 2-3 days.

Starting your Dreads with InstantLoc Technique

Once you decide to Loc up you start doing your research.  When you have so much hair you want to go with the best option for your texture hair.  Every technique is different stages.  With InstantLocs you skip years of steps and get Instant Dreads walking out the salon.  This is the beginning and clients natural hair status before Installation.  

Starter Locs

See you true length with with using InstantLoc Dread Extensions as your starter Locs technique.  You also see  your true length when this technique is done.  Parting is done in masonry block style.  Insantloc Dread Extensions are installed in a layered pattern. 

A full head of Happy Dreads

Clients start to shake there heads at this stage of istallation having the feel of there new Dreadlock Journey.  Dreads are installed in one day and are done with Human hair to be kept permanently.  Bee also teaches you how to maintain and will have to do follow up visits. 

Instant Dreads 

The Look you wanted done in one day.  Full head of Mohawk Dreadlocks.   This was installed and done within 5hrs with two of us working on hair at same time.  

Best Dread Extensionist

Dread Extensions done with Human hair this technique Bee calls InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ invented by Braids by Bee to skip the ugly stages and get the look you want done today.  Instantloc Dread Extensions is done with human hair and is permanent,
Start Your dreads today with Braids by Bee dread extensions options.


Bee fixes locks, have them looking well maintained with a few suggestions, you will be asking for more! Just check in, make your appointment now!

www.hairextensionsbybee.com (apponintment tab)


Instantlocs in sisterloc size done by Braids by Bee start your journey today book now.
Bee reattaches dreadlocks with combination of her Instantloc Dread Extensions technique.
Bee uses her instantLoc technique in combination of reattaching your own Locs back to your hair.

Dreadlocks, Dread Extensions, Instant Locks, Sisterlocs, Interloc Dreads, Crochet Dreads, Palm Roll Dreads all done @ Braids by Bee aka Dreads or 
Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. ™

LONG Sisterloc Size parted InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

braidsbybee sisterloc dread extensions

InstantLoc Dread Extensions done in one day start your journey today with
Braids By Bee™
@ The Braiding Depot inc.
**All pictures are actual work done by Bee™ At
Braids By Bee™ within the last 7rs. 
Some older pics taken at the only two barbershops I worked in for a period of 10yrs.  

Start your Locs today with Bee's method.


New Exclusive Video just released Bee was Featured Guest on "Shop Talk Live" Episode 14

Videos Of Braids by Bee work on Youtube Channel 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

Braids by Bee starts dreads on all texture hair with her InstantLoc Dread Extensions only done by Braids by Bee.

Starting Locs on Natural Long straight Hair textures with InstantLoc Technique

Braids by Bee starts dreads with her instantloc Dread Extensions technique that one it continues to grow out you treat just as normal locs.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

Instantly start your dreads with Bee's techniques of InstantLoc Dread Extensions can be done on any texture hair.

This is the start of my client name James InstantLocs™ DreadLock Journey.  He has dark brown natural long hair, and his length was pretty long.  Starting he wanted it a little longer than his hair. Took us about 6 hours to complete whole head of locks.  We only use Human hair for all locks done at Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. He had these done 3 years ago.  Picture Below this picture shows how long it has grown and the more older it gets the fuller it looks.  

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

Instantly have your journey start today with Braids by Bee Dread Extensions technique called InstantLocs
Instant Locs™ Dread Extensions a technique invented by Benite Corion also known as  Bee™ DBA Braids by Bee™  is known for creating customized permanent Dread Extensions Instantly or known as wrapping your hair.  My dreads can be done on any texture hair.  Any length of hair can be done.  The longer your hair is the more secure your dreads will be.  Everyone is different.  You get to choose the size and length you want to start with.  When your hair grows out you have the choice to continue getting roots wrapped.  Or Retwist roots and palm roll twist as normal dreads is done.  These Lock Extensions was done with dark brown human hair and the length of his hair was just as long.  He Still has them in and its been 3 years.  He continues to get dread extensions maintenance done by Bee @ Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. 
Instantloc dread extensions started on natural hair.
Natural Dreads grown by Braids by Bee over 20 years of care using techniques unheard of  to keep locs looking nice and healthy.  Repairs done once every 6 months to ensure no breakage or no thinning out with Bee's technique.
Braids By Bee is known to repair natural thin growing Locs that use to be healthy however reinforcing roots to look just as thick as what use to be.
Wrap your locs to create healthy looking dreads.

Extend your Natural Dreads to make them even.  Then Let us color them to clean them up from lint and residue built up. 

Fix Your natural Dreads by coming in to Bee for some help. I will cut them if you want, fix your broken ones and fix them by re-attaching your own dreads to where it is most needed.  Such as my client here.  He had short ones in the front and back and we cut his dreads and used his own dreads by replacing them in areas that was needed.  He still has a full head of dreads.  Now he can style comfortably. Repair your locks and restore them to start growing healthy and correct any errors you may have.  Bee likes to Create words for Dreads such as repositioning dreadlocks, Restoring Dreadlocks, Reinforcing your Natural Locs, Reinventing your Dreadlocks and Reincarnating Some of Your Natural untamed Dreads. I call these the five "R"s in BraidsbyBee Makeover. 

Bee can install InstantLoc Dread Extensions for any hair texture or any hair length.  This method and technique is Bee's technique on starting dreads naturally for all types of hair.  Human hair is used to install InstantLoc Dread Extensions once its done you continue to grow out roots and twist roots just like normal DreadLocks. 

Instant Dreadlocs aka dread Extensions done within one day these are permanent she will continue to grow out her locs after this procedure of loc exensions.

Our Client here she had cut her dreads off and wanted regret ever doing so.  She called us asking can we re-attach her dreads she cut off years ago.  I said yes we can make that happen.  We have our own technique.  Many people may say yes they can re-attach old dreads.  But have they mastered it like we have.  BraidsbyBee makes it happen with combining the Instant Dread technique and adding her dreads back as a piece of cake.  With our Dread extensions method also known as Instant locs by Bee we started the roots with lock extensions and re-attached her natural locks which was about 10-12 inches long.  She had a total of 80 of her own natural dreads but, she left with close to 90 .  We had to create some extensions to fill in what she didn't have with our Instant Lock Technique.  This took  us about 12 hours to complete. (6hrs with 2 Stylist) 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ started 4 years ago.  She continue to grows out natural locs and gets roots redone once a month.  Her hair is much longer now. 

Become a member to get updates on new hairstyles posted every week on this website.

These Instantlocs™ Dread Extensions will work with any texture hair.  We have clients with all textures hair even though you thing your hair may be hard to match up its no.  To complete this look Bee had to combine 5 different color of Human hair to get this color to wrap his natural hair to make it instant locs.  He originally had started them smaller and about one year later I combined two dreads to re-wrap them and made them into bigger dread locks.  This client still has his dreads and it has been about 5 years since I've started them and he is my number one FAN!  He gets so many compliments that he has sent me numerous clients due to the way he keeps his Dreads.  I love to freestyle on his hair he lets me do whatever I want.  

Braids by Bee originator or covering up bald areas with her InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique.
My client had natural dreads however had an issue with a balding area in the middle of his head.  This is a common problem, that many clients seeks solutions for this problem.  This issue is common with men or woman.  Sometimes hair just stop growing in that area due to medical issues, sometimes medications you may be taking causing side effects, or hair has just fallen out there and never grew back.  We can give you treatment to stimulate that area so hair growth can start growing back.  We can also create a bridge and add dreads in areas that you never had dreads.  Giving this a fuller head of dreads.  We can also repair the ones you already have.  We reinforce your current dreadlocks and then we add some dreadlocks in the middle to give you that dream look you are looking for.  This client is when he first started, These are current updates, on How long the hair has grown.  

Instantloc Dread Extensions was the options my client selected here.  His length is the same length of locs created.  This is his true length of hair that was wrapped. 

Bee repairs natural dreads

Reinforce roots of Natural Locs to make them look neat and continue shaping the form of natural dreads to perfection. 

Bee installs InstantLoc Dread Extensions on co-worker.
Bee has started his InstantLoc Dread Extensions over 4 years ago.  And the growth is amazing.  Double the length of when he first started.  Proven loyal client that continues to grow out his has of of today.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions was added 3 years ago.  He continues to grow out his natural Instantloc Dread Extensions started since 3 years ago which was the length of his natural hair.  Now his hair continues to grow and we wrap the roots of new growth every time he comes in.  He comes in once every 6 weeks for maint. 

Bee starts dreads on any texture hair with her proven techniques you will have your look instantly.

Yes even my Korean Clients are coming in for My instantLoc Dread Extensions which becomes permanent dreadlocks soon as installed by Braids by Bee™ with her proven technique.  Clients that know they want the look and know how that only Bee can create that look they are looking for today.  NO waiting or going thru any stages.  Bee gives you InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ in one day. 

Repairing Natural Locs with Bald spot in middle that needs a customized bridge with your own Locs reattached to the middle area that fell out, bridge is removed once hair grows back in an can be reattached individually eventually bringing the bridge smaller and smaller till you no longer need a bridge. 

Braids by Bee known to create bridge and cover balding areas and fill in areas with your own locs or create insantlocs to fill in
Repairing Natural Dreadlocks is how bee started her techniques of recreating a full head of dreadlocks to perfection.  Find out more about what Bee does to repair them locs to keep them looking there best.

Repairing Natural Dreadlocks comes natural for Bee, she makes recommendations that no one would offer of know how to do unless they come across these issues often and is a problem solver.  Bee repairs locs, reinforces locs, re-attach dreadlocks, Reposition dreads to make your hair full, neat and perfect locs. 

Braids By Bee reviews can be found all around the net.

Natural Locs Grown and maintained by Braids by Bee™ Bee uses rods to curl hair when doing maint while hair is wet for this outcome of curls that will last her for 2-3 weeks sometimes longer. 

BraidsbyBee™ Daughter models in Bijoux Peoples choice Magazine with Faux locs featuring soft loc hair that they are now promoting for Faux Locs bridal look.  Inspiration was Lisa Bonet Look with faux dreads.  2015 hair show in South Florida featured in Magazine for Peoples choice. 

Bee adds instantLoc Dread Extensions to cover bald spot on client natural dreadlocks hair.

Instantlocs Dread Extensions added to middle of crown area to cover and enhance natural balding area.  His dreads are naturally long all around except for middle and front that needed repairs. 

Braids by Bee is known to be the best and only one known to Re-attach natural dreadlocks that are undetectable to anyone that looks at you once.  Bee proven technique of combining instantloc dread extensions technique during re-attaching has been successful for many clients that had Bee install.

Natural Dreads Re-attached using InstantLoc Dread Extensions method to combine his natural dreads and re-attach them to his hair and restart the growth process. 

BraidsbyBee™ Daughter models in Bijoux Peoples Choice Magazine with a pin up with combination of hair that was combined to create corn rows then bun, then sewn in Remy Hair in back for length.  This was 2015 hair show in South Florida. Featured and Modeled in Magazine for Bijoux & Toyokolan hair show. 

Bee photo shoot with Peoples choice Magazine

Dreads have been grown by Bee and reinforced for many years .  Bee started these Natural Locs 20 + yrs ago and still maintain them today. 

Instantloc Dread Extensions™ 
as starter Locs 

Happy to have her journey started with Instantly Dread Extensions method.  She will continue to start growing her locs by retesting roots just as normal dreads. 

BraidsbyBee™ Box Braids has made magazine shoots easy. You feel like a Diva the minute you leave our salon. 

Well known to cover up and create solutions for each client.
Braids by bee well known to cover up balding areas with her Locs.
Braids by Bee motto, if they ain't calling you crazy you ain't doing something good.
Braids by Bee starts Locs with instantloc dread extensions method on 613 blonde hair.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ can be done in any length and any color choice, however Bee always suggest to stick to your natural hair color or you will have to maintain roots in coloring as well as reinforcing roots to keep up color change. 

Braids by Bee starts Locs on natural hair with Instantlocs method.

Installation done in one day, Instantloc Dread Extensions done within 5 hrs and once done this is permanent.  Client will continue to grow out roots and get roots re-twisted at roots if hair grows in as thick as client wants or has choice of still adding hair to new growth to protect new growth and maintain roots.   Most clients choose this method, not only does it stay neater longer sometimes your hair is not naturally thick enough to create the width of the Locs you would like to have and this add on hair not only reinforces loose hairs it also adds body and protects your new growth or thin hairs from popping out.  

The Best In The Business 

Braids by Bee well known for her work in south florida.
Braids by Bee started these InstantLocs more than 7 years ago and it has gone viral since
Braids by Bee logo for InstantLocs.

Dreads by Bee™

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Braids by Bee reinforces thin roots of natural dreadlocks to keep them from popping out or breaking off.

Email me by clicking Logo to send me pics

Repair Natural Dreadlocks with bald area in middle, front or back of head can be repaired or filled in with Braids by Bee custom made bridges and a treatment plan will be told once hair grows in we can individually put in InstantLoc Dread Extensions which is the main goal is to grow out hair not just cover up.  

SisterlocDread Extensions aka Instant Locs.  Her natural hair is permed we created instant locs by wrapped her natural hair to create instant locs as they grow in we can interlock her roots this is a permanent hairstyle and the highest quality hair is used.  Originally took 3 days to complete whole head.  Today Bee takes one day to complete this look with her assistant.  This style is done to be permanent never have to remove human hair added to your hair.  It becomes entwined with your hair that grows in.  Read more on www.dreadextensionsbybee.com 

Braids by Bee is well known to start dreads from scratch with her techniques that amazes millions around the world
Bee starts dreads on any hair texture.
Bee logo for Locs
Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks with her instantloc dread extensions techniques the neatest method and instantly locked up.
Brads by Bee grows sisterlocs started with InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique in sisterloc size after 3 years still maintaining.
Dreads were started 4 years ago with InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique and he is still growing it out today.
Sisterloc size started with Instantly adding Human hair to create instantlLoc Dread Extensions.

Reattach Dreads with Braids By Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique

Braids by Bee official logo for trademark services rendered at her salon.
Bee sisterloc Dread Extensions takes one whole day at Braids by Bee.
Bee is great at styling natural dreadlocks.

These Instantlocs™ was started 4 years ago. And my client continues to get his new growth wrapped due to fact his hair is thinner and wants to keep as protective style and width the be the same. His dreads have been cut once because they grew too long.   Pictures of previous times he has come in for maint. is below  

Before & After 


Dreads by Bee and you will find a lot of images of work done by BraidsbyBee aka Dreads By Bee 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions is a method created and originated by Benite Corion also known as Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc. The technique and type of hair used is Bee secret technique that she has been doing for over 20 years on how to repair natural dreads and it not be detectable like strings or rubber bands being used currently today to reinforce natural Locs.  Bee has been doing Locs for so long and had to find the best hair to reinforce these natural dreads that will fall out clients hair from roots due to wear and tear and everyday Loc Styles.  Well clients would ask "Bee can you fix just one or two dreads that fell out" or what can you do about a bald spot in the middle of my head my Locs fell out long time ago and just left it that way?  I would find solutions to there problem every time.  Not only I became very rare at what I do, I also kept loyal clientele that was getting positive results.  Results that they wanted a solution to help secure and keep there Dreads.  If there is a preventive medicine for Locs Bee has created the technique that reinforces all Locs while growing and has accumulated clients from all over the world who loves this technique and understand why it is so needed.  

Micro Size InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ done on natural black hair

Natural hair sometimes texture is to curly to wavy to straight so starting your deadlock Journey with InstantLoc Dread Extension technique invented by Bee herself creates perfect shape Locs that are well maintained and fills in thin areas and you see true length of hair growth.  No shrinkage with this method used. 

Bee is known to start Locs naturally with her Instantloc Dread Extensions technique and continue growth 5-10 years later. this client is 4 years in
Bee starts dreadlocks for any hair texture with her own original technique
Sisterlocs by Braids by Bee
Started Locs with InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique
Braids by Bee does Dread Extensions on any texture hair any length in one day.
Braids by Bee known to start the neatest dreadlocks with InstantLoc Dread Extensions method.
Braids By Bee Installs InstantLoc Dread Extensions in one day.
Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks journeys for any hair texture.
Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks with dread extensions called Instantloc Dread Extensions which are permanent once done.

Client below is same client in above picture after 4 years of my method of Instantlocs it has grown double almost triple the length and is neatly done dreadlocks all his natural hair growth however wrapped reinforced Braids by Bee™ trademarked services has been proven and used by clients all around the globe.  Bee is internationally known for her Locs. 

  • "I am not going to lie I was skeptical at first. But the more I followed up with Bee she answered all my questions. She took time to explain to me what needed to be done to sec..."
    Flew From Cali for My InstantLoc Dread Extensions
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All hair textures Braids By Bee is known to start there Loc Journey with InstantLoc dread extensions technique.
Repair all dreadlock situations that went wrong with Bee instantloc Dread Extensions method.

To Clean up Locs and extend them to make them the same length is possible with InstantLoc Technique. 

Braids  by Bee extends dreads with Instantly adding length with InstantLOc Dread Extensions options
Braids by Bee also repairs and retwist natural dreadlocks.
Braids by Bee known to start Loc journey with all texture hair types.

Start dreadlocks with Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique and grow out hair by getting maintenance done once a month.  

Braids by Bee starts locs with client choosing InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique in his own length of hair so he can watch grow

InstantLoc Dread Extensions for same length hair textures and grow out roots.  

Braids by Bee known to reinstall natural virgin Locs special purchases at Braids by Bee.

Install Natural Virgin Locs with InstantLoc Dread Extensions to give you a full head of Locs.  

Braids by Bee started these sisterloc InstantLoc Dread Extensions and it is double the length today we continue to reinforce roots for maintenance.

Sisterlocs started with InstantLoc Dread Extensions. 

Braids by Bee creates logo to represent services rendered called InstantLoc Dread Extensions.
Braids by Bee starts regular size dreadlock with instantloc dread extensions technique to grow natural locs.

Instantly skip all the rough stages, and get the look you want today.  Bee can repair any situation going on short edges no problem, middle is thinning no problem, permed head no problem  Bee has the perfect solution to give you the Look you want today and its permanent once done.