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Human Hair Dreadlocks are called Virgin Locs at Braids By Bee at the Braiding Depot Inc. 

Instantlocs Dread Extensions is Bee's brand for services offered and invention of techniques of her own type of dread extensions or type of technique that is used to repair natural dreadlocks and is also used in combination of reattaching natural dreadlocks.   

Bee as of Jan 2019, signed up to www.Patreon.com/BRAIDSBYBEE To feature many of the videos I have taken through the years of giving service.  I have a tons a videos and photos to share. And if you would like to find out more please become a patron on my Patreon page to see the behind the scenes and before and after Loc transformations Bee have done through out the years.  I look forward to seeing my community there.  

Install Virgin Dreadlocks to your natural hair. 

Custom made bridge to cover balding areas of crown on head.  These are custom made while sitting in my chair at my salon. 

CUSTOM DREADLOCK BRIDGE, made to cover balding areas for clients that has a spot in middle of crown area.