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braids by bee brand


My locs are restored, given strength and secured all because of Braids By Bee Inc. Methods used to do my Locs Maintenance, unlike any others, a class of her own.  


Braids By Bee Inc. 

White Structure

Beautiful Results. Personalized Care.

Loc Bridge Hair unit

Custom made hair units made for men with dreadlocks we do Hair Tranformations for clients that has balding areas and need solutions we custom make hair units with dreadlocks to cover those areas of concern.  Braids by Bee inc. is in south florida the owner Benite Corion has trademark her services and is known worldwide for restoring dreadlocks.

I am looking for solutions for my receding hair line and my bad spot that has appeared.  What can you do for me Mrs. Bee?  This is the number one questions with clients who has long natural dreadlocks in need of repairs and solutions from someone who things outside the box.  Each client has different issues which is why we consult to provide a full assessment of your current situation.  After carefully reviewing your hair status we offer options based on what you already  have and how we can enhance your dreadlocks by repairing or adding on InstantLoc Dread Extensions or custom made hair units.  We think outside the box and  have established trademarked technique proven to resolve the current problems most of all dread clients go thru. 


Hair Transformations Like no other 

Locs Reattachment services

man with afro and have natural dreadlocks reattached with Instantloc methods

Hi Mrs. Bee I had cut my dreadlocks off and miss them dearly.  I would like to reattach my dreadlocks is this a services you do?   Yes I do, thanks for asking.  I have my own techniques on reattaching ones dreadlocks in combination of  our InstantLoc Dread Extensions method is used to create your new Locs.  This is when clients saved there dreadlocks or was donated dreadlocks.  How do you do this Mrs. Bee? Well, everyone is different, therefore before booking one an initial consultation is suggested to start with us we must first do a full assessment of your current status and situation.  We have over thousands of clients and all case are different which is why a consult is needed prior to booking.  


Hair Transformations Like no other 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions Fill ins with virgin Locs Reattachment

hair transformation with Instantloc Dread extensions

Mrs. Bee I had only grown the middle of my head with natural dreadlocks however I have been growing out my hair in the back.  I wanted to know what are my options to make the front look like the back?  I heard about your InstantLoc Dread Extensions how does that work?  Yes thanks for asking, we do reattach natural dreadlocks or Insantloc Dread Extensions™ or can sell you donated Locs if we have inventory for your hair  texture. We use our brand of InstantLoc Dread Extensions and combined with your locs to recreated your gridlines and give you a full head of Locs as desired.  A consult is needed to get your options due to everyone being differnt we must first do a full assessment of your situation. 


Hair Transformations Like no other 

Loc Bridge with Color Restoration Hair Transformation

Loc Bridge hair unit of dreadlock hair replacement

HI Mrs. Bee I'm calling from Ohio and I seen your work and I'm willing to fly  down there please tell me you can help.  I had bleach my Locs and yes I was not managing My Locs to well but I need help cause my hair started to fall out.  My Locs in the middle have fallen out and I have had dreadlocks for over 20 years.  NO worries yes I can help.  After consulting client he was on his way down to Florida to have her hair Transformation and Loc Bridge created.  Client flies in every 3/4 weeks to get bride adjusted.  Client also started growing out hair in middle, overtime he came back for a visit there was new growth to work with to make adjustments as needed.   


Welcome to


Benite Corion holding her brand of hairline Instantlocs



Braids By Bee Inc. is the leading hair transformation company that specializes in dreadlock makeovers. We believe in empowering our clients with the confidence to express themselves and their unique sense of style. Our professionals understand the complexities of locs and are dedicated to providing each client with the highest quality of service. We are proud to be the first to introduce the patented Hair Transformation technique, which uses a variety of techniques and procedures to restore your dreadlocks to its best. With Braids By Bee Inc., you can look and feel your best.

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