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Virgin Human hair Locs Wicks (9)

Virgin Human hair Locs Wicks (9)

9 Wicks decorated with some dreadlock jewelry up to 20” long or longer and natural never cut or processed. Human hair and is matured over 8 years of growth. Can be used to reattach or fill in areas. Can also be cut and used in 18 pieces or 27.

  • Wicks

    Human hair virgin locs in Wicks size these are 9 pieces in this bundle hair is solid matured locs over 8 years of growth and is Hispanic/Latin hair texture and is heavy. Can be cut in length to create 18 or 27 pieces when installing on a whole head as a ReAttachment or can be used to fill in for clients in need of hair replacement. These are about 24” long. Black and never processed or cut.

Kit Size : extra large
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