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Girl with Long Braids


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NYC Skyline BW


I am not going to lie I was skeptical at first. But the more I followed up with Bee she answered all my questions. She took time to explain to me what needed to be done to secure my appointment. Flying in feeling blind, Bee had information all over net and I did my research and check her site and social media and all over it was her work displayed which says a lot cause many that say they do dread extensions don't have pictures. I wanted dreadlocks for years but because of my job they had to be very neat and small, I didn't want starter dreads. I wanted the look right away. Bee offered just that and professional is another plus. She takes deposit online, she sets appointments and I was notified with reminders and notes with what we spoke about. She text me back and I spoke with BEE! Most Salons you don't speak to owner you get the help. No Bee answered all my questions but best part of all I came and in one day I got what I wanted my whole life. 


Flew From Cali for My InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

My dreads were thin in many areas and needed repairs. I would tie them in knots or put rubber bands on them not wanting to lose any of my dreads. Braids by Bee offers repairs and when I saw her method I was amazed. I've been looking for a solution for years for my dreads not only she repaired them they feel and look great she rejuvenated my dreadlocks and made me proud of my crown. 


Best solution I ever heard of 


I'm a professional musician, travel the world. I always come see Bee,I can't trust no one else.She hooks it up every single time, I highly recommend her!


Won't go to anyone ELSE but Bee @ BraidsbyBee


Palm Roll (8 year old)


Azlynn S. says: Bee did an amazing job! I was very pleasantly surprised we've gone through so many hair dressers due to lack of knowledge and efficiency. We traveled from Naples, FL to Fort Lauderdale. So glad we did. She works with her daughters which I thought was very sweet and it brought comfort to us. She explained everything in full detail. My son gets very hesitant and emotional like most kids do, but she shot right through it and got it done in 35 mins or so! He was so pleased he said "Finally we found the right one." I agree wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommend her service to anyone! Thank you Bee. 

Job well done....




Terrence C. says: While googling salons that provided loc service I came across The Braiding Depot. I then visited the website to get a feel of the salon and view pictures of customers who've had work done. I was very impressed w/ what I seen. I then made an appointment to have locs installed. On the day of my visit I was greeted with a big smile and a warm hug which made me feel at home. They nailed the look I was going for. I am very pleased with the customer service and the quality of work provided. I definitely recommend this salon.👍👍 

Re-Attaching my Locs




Michele C. says: I contacting Bee on June 10, 2016 to re-attach my locs and by June 12, 2017 I was getting my locs back I'm so please with the job she has done I would recommend anyone that wanted to get Dreadlocs to see her fabulous jobs 

Great job



Bobby B. says: Great service. Did a great job didn't give 5 stars because of the price, but she did a better job than anyone else could. 

Best braiding service in broward!!!



Rochambeau D. says: By far one of the best services I've ever received. She came in on her day off even after I switched my appointment 3 times. And the results came out beyond prefect! 

Instant Dreadlocs 



Cindy B. says: I absolutely loved my experience with BraidsbyBee. Professionalism from start to finish. Bee and her Daughters/Assistant are such beautiful souls. Their work was quick and efficient. I was done in 4hrs. I'm in love with my new Dreadlocs. Excited to start my journey with BraidsbyBee. 

Cathy Levasseur



Cathy L. says: I've been going to her shop since 2015 to get my hair twisted and she's the only one I would let do them. She's professional her work is neat and I never have have a issue it's always done right I recommend anyone and everyone to go to her.. and I come all the way from Miami and it's worth the drive. 

Amazing, speechless



Roberto V. says: Very proffesional, very knowledgeable of her work, makes yoyou feel comfterable. I would recommend her service over anyone in Florida any day hands down, will deffinetaly be going back. 

Great family...great service...great experience!



Dionne R. says: I've been going to Ms. Bee since last year for my box braids, rope twists and two strand twists. Every time has been a positive experience. Always on time and ready to go, she's efficient and knows what she's talking about concerning your hair. Most important, you're out on time or earlier! That's not saying there's something wrong with being there, quite the opposite. Ms. Bee and her kids provide good conversation and laughs. A really comfortable atmosphere. I receive compliments all the time and continue to recommend her. Keep up the good work! 

Three times a charm !!!



Ebony R. says: Hello everyone left Bee about 4 hours ago and I can't stop touching my hair. I'm in love ! This was my third attempt at locs and I've been natural for 3 yeas now. I've researched and reviewed Bee for 1 year literally before I made the call.once I did I was family .love love love my hair Bee and lil Bee you were awesome and I appreciate your assistance in my being part of the loc family. Instant Locs. Beautiful Job 

Dread Maintenance



Carrie B. says: First and foremost, Happy Holidays to one and all! I would like to say that she is not only my hairdresser but she is also like family! It is going on two years now and my hair now past my shoulders! I have had just about everything done to my hair! When I saw her ad, I didn't have to think twice and price was no problem to me. I want to say think you for my growth and journey! I wouldn't and won't be going anywhere else but to Braids By Bee! I love you sis and keep up the good work! 

Micros on point



Morgan D. says: Bee You've done an excellent job.I got my money worth thank you 🤗. I really appreciate the warm and friendly welcoming. I'll come from Texas every year for your professionalism it's really worth it. Your prices are reasonable and you're fast in on point just excellent.Im very thankful for you. Happy in very satisfied overall 

First time getting braids



Oscar A. says: All I have to say that she does a great job and very professional. awesome Style. 

First time getting braids



Patricia B. says: Bee is definitely the best in South Florida. I always leave her salon satisfied. She is professional and her work ethic is like no other. Her hands are blessed. Thank you 




Bridgitte E. says: Micro installation. Wonderful service, great company and completed in a reasonable time. AWESOME!!!!! 

Love My Hair



Hope B. says: Bee installed instant Dreads for me about 2 years ago and I was amazed from the consultation and she continues to keep my hair looking amazing. I live about 40 minutes away from the shop and stopped by another stylist to get my hair washed and retwisted. One week later I made an appointment with Bee and decided not to ever do that again. It is totally different, the comfort, the conversation and most importantly my dreads are amazing. You get what you pay for - no short cuts for me. 

Amazing experience 



Trip S. says: Simply the best!!! 

On vacation



Jamar W. says: I came to this location on vacation. I got nervous when I arrived and found the place closed. I called Bee and she was en route!!! I appreciated the consultation. Loved the shampoo. Bee crochet braided my locs which had never been done before. I got lots more compliments on my hair that weekend. So I was pleased with the results. 




Samantha G. says: I came in over the weekend for a consult. I have been transitioning my hair for a year now and was at my wits end as to what to do with it anymore. Like many of my peers that have chosen to go natural I have done the YouTube shuffle, trying to find the "technique", but nothing seemed to work for my hair, needless to say I didn't even really know my hair type until meeting Bee. She gave me the 411 on how to care for my hair, I have been putting her advice to use for the last two days, and I must tell you... Her consult was on point. I am seeing ringlets and curls in my hair that I haven't seen since my baby pictures 😊. I would definitely recommend this salon to all my friend and family!! I felt comfortable I soon as I walked in, the prices I believe are well worth the professionalism and effort that is provided by Bee. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my consult, and my HAIR is thankful as well. I will definitely be returning!! Thank you!! 




Teri D. says: I don't have any complaints about my visit to Bee's. My hair is beautiful, it was fast and the atmosphere is calm and friendly. I will be back. Bee's services are worth every penny you will not be disappointed. Thank you ladies for a great experience! 

Bee is wonderful. 



Beenie B. says: I am a 50 y/o caucasian female who has been 'on the fence' for a long time about dreads because of my job. I made an appt for Bee after looking at her web page for two weeks and almost backed out at the last minute. I'm so glad I didn't. Bee's shop is so chill and right next door, Jamaican food, so it's a win-win situation!! I had some soursop juice while I waited for my consult and after she got me in the chair, she got down to business. She gave me a mirror and had me watch her do a lock for me to see how it's done and to give it a 'test drive'. She explained everything to me and color matched my hair, even taking my request for some purple dreads mixed in. She suggested I do a few at a time and work up till I'm happy with the amount we put in. I love her calm, mellow personality and her taking time to reassure me that get dreads is 'gonna be alright '. :-) I can't wait till I go back and start my journey....Bee has found a lifetime client in me. She knows her stuff and is good at it too. You won't be disappointed. Trust me. 

Dread Extensions



Angela B. says: Recovering from extensive foot surgery on both feet, I hobbled in on crutches and Bee accommodated me with as much comfort as possible. My hair came out absolutely amazing as I have natural gray hair and Bee added dread extensions to match and she got the color match on point! I wish I knew of Bee years ago but better late than never. AWESOME job B!!!!! 




Simon b. says: I found Bee online and contacted her by phone. i was in FL for only 2 days and she managed to squeeze me in for deadlock extensions. i paid the deposit and within 24hrs i was done!!!.. great work on the short and thinning hair i have. Bee has magic hands and i have not fund anyone able to do what she does. I am very happy with her work and her service. on top of all, she is a really nice person. I would recommend her anytime. Thanks Bee 

Incredible Customer Service



Jackie K. says: First, the website was informative and easy to use. I made an appointment for a consultation and I received confirmations via email. I arrived at the appointed time, and Bee was waiting for me. She was so pleasant and kind, you could tell by the handling of my hair that she knew what she was doing, she gave me some sample dreads, gave me some tips on my hair, and answered all my questions including costs. The salon is neat and I felt very comfortable being there. I am still a little nervous about getting a permanent style, but for braids/dreads and styles inbetween, I will be going to Bee! 

Best in Florida



Gaelle A. says: Bee's Salon is one of the most professional , elagant ,and comfortable in the business. Had rope twists installed yesterday and the results speaks for itself. Not only did the hair style turn out magnificient it also was done in a very reasonable amount of time and price.I LOVE MY TWISTS BY BEE. My husband had no complaints and I was ready to turn up on my B-day weekend with my perfect twists. Thanks Bee 

Derricka D.



Derricka D. says: Outstanding service! I've been going to Bee since the beginning of 2016 for micro braids...I had my second child and had problems with my hair shedding. I wanted to get a protective style once the shedding stopped to regrow my hair without a lot of fuss. I looked up Bee's shop and decided to check her out. From the moment I walked in her shop, she was very help, warm and friendly. I've gotten the edges of my braids retouched twice and they look amazing! My hair is growing and getting thicker. i will continue to go to here for my hair needs. She does an amazing job!! Thx Bee!! 

Dread Extensions



Phil G. says: Bee is truly on another level. You walk in a client but you walk out family. She lives by her words and her work speaks for itself.I had dreads years ago and cut them in order to advance my career. I decided to put them back in and Bee made an impressive first and lasting impression. I made my appointment and deposit after my initial consultation on 3/26/32016. On 3/30/2016 Bee brought me back to life. I drove 4 hours to get my hair done by Bee and was simply amazed at the quality of service and how comfortable I felt while under her care. Bee and her daughter Tashai performed a surgical miracle installing my dread extensions from scratch in only 6 hours. She was extremely professional yet so hospitality and worldly. They actually looked better then when I originally had them done 12 years ago. I enjoyed the experience so much that she has gained a loyal client I am bringing my daughters to her as well. 

Only the best in the business!!!!!



Carrie B. says: I got my hair done and watched two movies! My hair really needed maintenance bad. Bee took care of that and some! Where other stylists tried and failed to grow my hair, she has succeeded and I refuse to see anyone else! My home, my family, love you Mrs Bee! 

Awesome Sauce



Lisi M. says: Bee did,my hair last minute bc another stylist left me waiting at her closed shop. I called Bee and she didnt hesitate. Hair came out too cute! I'll be back! 

Quality work. Very professional



Ima E. says: I am very happy with my Senegalese twists! Bee and her daughter did a magnificent job in just over 5 hours! My hair is beautiful and I've received so many compliments. Thank you and I will definitely be seeing you both again. 

Outstanding care for Sisterlocks



Nadine P. says: A wonderful experience at Bee's. My hair needed some TLC after several months of neglect. Bee and her daughter worked quickly and with great professionalism. Highly recommended! 

Amazing work...



Neisha M. says: Work... Amazing People skills... Amazing But what really got me was how she was standing in front of me on a Sunday morning working on my child's hair what to do and not do with my daughter's hair to make it as healthy as possible. I definitely recommend Bee, and particularly with children. We are so happy that we've found our new stylist. 

Love my daughter's hair!



Valerie H. says: Bee has been doing my daughter's hair for about 3 years. She's had cornrows,box braids and now kinky twists were her latest style. I am extremely pleased and so is my daughter (most of all)! Quality++ Style ++ Convenience and Time Efficient++...OUTSTANDING! 

Tiana F



Tiana F. says: Bee was very professional. From the moment we walked into her salon it was very pleasant. Bee explanted explained what needed to be done to my hair and why. My husband and I ended up talking with her for almost two and half hours. Needless to say i will be recommending people to her for sure. Thanks so much Bee for sharing some knowledge with us. 



Shelly C. says: First time visit to Bee's was nice. Got done in 3hrs with micro braids. I have been getting micros for years in Charlotte, NC. Things are a little different here. I can work with what I have. Only advice I would give is that they need to go back over each braid and cut away the extra hair to clean them up. Also it could be alittle fuller. I have no doubt that WHEN I go back I will mention this. Other then that Bee and Tashi were great!! Thank you Braids By Bee! 

Love love my invisible cornrows.



Shay B. says: First let me say from the moment Tashi started braiding my hair I was like yes she's not a tight hair braider. Between her the kids and Bee I enjoyed my first visit to the shop and will be back in 6weeks. Tashi thank you for doing my beautiful cornrows to the T of the picture I showed you and I've bee getting compliments left and right. 😁💁🏽

Highly recommended!



Nik M. says: I like that Bee uses text/emails to confirm appointments and send reminders. I arrived on time for my appointment and was done promptly in 3 hours. Bee and her assistant, Tashai, are the real professionals for this trade. The speed and neatness of their work is superb. Why 4 stars? When I made the deposit and booking online I wrote that I'm not familiar with braids and wasn't sure if I selected the right option. In that note, I included a web link directing them to the style I wanted and asked for a response if it wasn't correct. It wasn't until my hair was done and I'm about to pay that Bee told me the true cost ($$$ more). I had no problem paying because my hair looked awesome. Just that I would have appreciated someone telling me because I wrote that in the booking notes. Aside from that everything else was great- location, atmosphere, friendliness, etc. Tashai told me what products to use and how to care for my braids - thanks! Keep up the good job Ladies!!! 

Simply medium Afro Kinky with curls at the end



Bizu I. says: Despite the late start B and Tash got my hair done in 3 hours!!!! I have never been in and out of a braid shop, with my hair being washed as well, in under 4 hours. These ladies know their stuff and I'm picky about the care my scalp gets. I highly recommend Braids by Bee. I slept through the night, did not take any pain killers and my hairstyle looks good and is neat. 

Medium box braids approximately 3-4 hours. Absolutely love it



Tery S. M. says: Got there after work was done before dinner, my braids were neat and fabulous as usual. I usually get the rope twist but I wanted to be different. Even with the braids people would stop me because they thought they were rope twist. NEAT, NEAT. Never disappointed , always a pleasant appointment. I pass out her cards every time I get questioned about her work. 




Crystal T. says: As you can see from all the review everyone LOVES Mrs. Bee and Braid Queen Tashi. My friend and I are in the military and we drove up from key west just to get out hair done. Although we were double booked, a mistake we made, our hair was still done faster than we expected. I sat in the chair at 10:00 for micro braids and was done by 1:00 and my friend sat in the chair at 12:30 and was done by 3:00 for long rope twists. That's the fastest that I have ever had my braids done and now Bee and Tashi are the only people I want to touch my hair. They are so friendly and polite and all around great people. If you book an appointment here you will not be disappointed. They are the best braiders I have ever encountered hands down !!!!! 

From: Jesse



Jesse F. says: This place is perfect. From the moment you call to the end of the service. This salon offers free consultation and booking service is so easy which is very rare in FL. I traveled from the West Coast last month. I had my consultation on the phone and sent pictures of my hair to her and decided to get hair extensions. I simply paid the deposit for the hair that was required and then I was booked and told the remaining balance owed. The service was great, My hair look's more beautiful than ever and for the first time I felt like they are "Happy Hairs". Mrs. Bee did my hair and Mrs. Ta'Shy was her right hand girl in completing the dreadlocks extension in the time promised from start to finish. I look Amazing and Handsome and receive compliments everyday. Everybody is so interested in my hair and always have Mrs. Bee's cards in my pocket and offer them to everyone interested in getting this done as well. It was well worth the trip, I am so glad I did this. She made me into such a good looking person and boosted my self-esteem by far. There is nothing like this by my house or anywhere around here and Mrs. Bee is the Real Deal. So only go to Mrs. Bee at Braids by Bee and you will be glad you did. Special Thanks to Mrs. Bee and Mrs.Ta'Shy for a brand new appealing look. 

I will be back



Rhonda l. says: Medium rope twists shoulder length done in 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The ladies were very efficient. Usually I get my braids done at someone's house for less money. But this was worth every penny. I'll take 2 1/2 hours over 8 hours any day. Thanks. 

Natural Dreads 



Dee W. says: Amazing.......Bee is so passionate about her work that it comes shining through. I have been to so many different salons promising one thing and you getting something totally different, but not with Bee she hooked my dreads up and made me so proud of my crown that I want the whole world to see my locs...Bee made me and my son feel so at home that he now wants an appointment too....Thank you Bee for making me love my locs all over again....😘😘😘👏👏👏 

Afro kinky twist



Michele C. says: So I arrived for my appointment at 2:00pm and was out by 4:00pm Tashai did a very good job I will be going back to get my Dread's reattach real soon I like how they work pleasant atmosphere was not crowded like some places be when they doing your head you don't have to worry about them stopping to start someone else 

Best Braid Shop in SoFlo



Horecia B. says: I have been coming to these ladies for several years and they never disappoint. Professional and fast service. I've tried other braiders but quite frankly you get what you pay for. They are worth the cost. My Marley Twist are on FLEEK! 

Sister Locks



Carrie B. says: My appointment is scheduled for 3/21/15! I feel like a kid counting down the days till Xmas. I can hardly wait! I also have a special night planned afterwards for me and the ex, he's planning on a wine and dine night! 

The consultation 



Hope B. says: After meeting Bee and her staff at the consultation, I stopped looking. I am so excited to get my sister locs done. I am very very particular about every aspect of my appearance. With my recent decision to wear locs. I went to several places to check things out. No one gave me a consultation and no one actually did one to show me how it looked and felt on me. I was so comfortable till my search was over. I will update you after the process is complete. Super excited!!! 

Dread Maintenance



Mike L. says: Very professional atmosphere. It's like a home away from home. I was in at 11:30 and done at 1:45pm. As soon as I arrived she got started, no waiting. Gave consultation on dreads and how to continue to maintain my hair. Very fast, neat, and will definitely be back again. 

Braids by Bee❤️



Jesse G. says: I loved it.. Both Bee and her daughter were extremely nice and very clear in answering any of my questions. She did an awesome job on my hair!! I will not be giving anyone any of my business because I found my hair stylist! Bee you are the WOMAN!! See you guys in 2 weeks! 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Carol's Daughter



Carol C. says: Thank for a keeping your word my daughter was in by 10:00 and out by 2:00 as promised , since my time is very valuable I sill had part of my day left. Great Job with hair and very pleased. Thank you 

Invisible cornrows 



Jasmine C. says: New here to Flordia and was looking for a great, professional, clean environment to have my hair braided. I found that and more @ braids by Bee. I am very particular about neatness and styling of my hair. I wasn't disappointed and my braids look GREAT! 

Micros in 3 hours



Sheryl R. says: Dropped my daughter off around 11:30, was called to pick her up at 1:55! I've never seen micros done so neatly, precisely and fast in my entire life! The human hair was braided about 4 inches and the rest was left out. The hair was wet and wavy and once done,mit made my little girl beam with pride. The compliments haven't stopped and I know they will continue! My sister and niece want to get their hair done, have just the place for the, to go! 

Great experience, Super quick, Great look!



Laurinda A. says: The ladies were awesome! Thank you for the amazing job you did on my hair. The look was extremely professional and you did not braid my hair super tight which causes breakage. You both were a pleasure to meet and I look forward to my next appointment. I may see you shortly so that you can style my braids for me! I would easily recommend your services to any of my peers! Warmest Regards, Laurinda 

Thank you



Juniole J. says: Very professional and fast service. Tashai and Bee were very fast i finishing my hair. I will definitely come again. 

Great service



Nicole H. says: The service was great. They are very professional, they work quick , and the styles came out great. 

Dread Reattahment



Cuba E. says: The best in the business I have been looking for a long time!!!! I felt at home, and the job they did is absolutely impeccable!!!!! My hair is jammed and I got 22 compliments at the first rest stop on my 300 mile journey home!!! It was SOOOOOOO worth the drive, and now NOONE IS ALLOWED to touch my hair again except Bee and Tashi!!!! Such a laid back vibe too, these two are as real as it gets!!!! They said I'd be there til 5, but I was leaving their salon at 3:30!!! And my hair is TO DIE FOR!!!!!! I can't say enough good things, I could go on forever!!!!You get what you pay for. If you're a cheap person, and always try to get "a cheap do" then these ladies are not for you. A cheap hairdo and a cheap tattoo scare me!!!!!They charge normal prices(to me) but you get UPSTANDING service and you're hair will look AMAZING!!!!! Thank God I found you. Blessed hands at work!!! #LoveAndLight #BlessUp 

My 1st visit but it won't be my last visit to braids by bee 



Scherly D. says: Bee and her staff were very worm and professional. Not only are they skilled at what they do but they are quick too. My appointment was at 12:30pm and I was done (with a full head of braids) by 3:45pm. I'm very pleased with my results and I can't wait to go back in 3 months. :-) -Scherly. 

Kids box braids with curly ends



Angela R. says: Being from NYC it's been really hard to find a quality hair Braider in the south Florida area. However,Bee was the answer to my prayers. Her professionalism and efficiency far surpassed my expectations. My 10 year daughter had the box braids with curly ends completed in less than 4 hours. We absolutely love her hair and hope to get 2-3 months out of this style. The environment is safe and my daughter loved how friendly everyone was. Overall,Bee's braiding depot is the spot for quality braids and service. I would highly reccommend using their services. - Angela 

Dread maintenance



Dekisha J. says: I love The work that they are doing up there every time I bring my son I'm very satisfied I'm coming from way down south a 1 hour drive just to get there so you know the service is great they get you in and out THANKS BRAIDS BY BEE you guys are awesome 




Jewette W. says: I arrive on appointment date with the wrong hair.. I had time to get the correct hair. I love my hair so much.. very professional. I will be a returning client. Thank BEE.. you guys ROCK. 

Consultation before appointment



Erika L. says: Although my daughter and I went for a consultation, I was very pleased with the options Bee gave us. I am an average professional woman, married with 3 children and my 2 daughters (ages 14 and 6) and myself wear two strands twists with extensions but have decided to make things permanent. The cost for the dread extensions may seem costly for some but Bee put things in perspective, this is a lifetime style and investment. My daughter is already scheduled in 10 days and I plan to make my deposit and appointment when my daughter (the 14 year old) gets her hair done. The 6 year old will be getting hers done as well before school starts. Very professional and welcoming and we look forward to getting her continued services. 

Rope Twist, almost butt length



Jamila W. says: The service was exceptional. I was quoted 4 hours and it took 2. They were professional and I really felt comfortable. The service is worth every penny. I will definitely be back. 




Red D. says: I'm always complete & satisfied with my dreads after Bee is done with them ... She always hooks me up with the styles you won't find anywhere ... 

Life Savers



Tanesha W. says: I called Braids by Bee in a panic. I had an awful experience with another stylist. Bee and Tasha took me in and treated me to a life saving experience. They were so professional and quick; and there work matches there professional attitude. I am so pleased with my micro braids and my husband likes them also. Please don't be turned off by the price , you really do get what you pay for they are worth every penny. Can't wait to see you guys again. Tanesha. 

Best place in town



Mia I. says: This is where I go when I want professional and quick service. I think they must have did my rope twist in less than 3 hrs. It looks beautiful...will definitely be back again soon! 

Bee Caters To Your Need



Jojo s. says: When I got my hair done yesterday I ask Bee to do a Mohawk with my dreads and that's exactly what she did, now this pic of Mohawk came from my mind and she catered to my need which made me a satisfied customer. ..... 




Trish M. says: Love my hair. There is no place to go but by Bee's. Great job. 

Dread maintenance and styling



Jamilla P. says: I've been going to Braids by Bee for approximately 2 years and the service is always impeccable. Bee and Tashi have both worked on my hair and they are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. The prices there reflect the level of service received as once you've booked an appointment there is virtually no waiting and the service is fast. Highly recommended! 

There is No Place Like Home!!!



JoAnna C. says: JoAnna Lewis says: I moved here almost 3 years ago, at first I would fly back home to Saint Louis to get my hair braided because I couldn't find anyplace in Florida to do my hair like home. My appointment was a 10 a.m., they said I would be done by 4 p.m., and they kept their promise. I loved the atmosphere, and now I don't have to fly all the way home, to get my hair done, I found what I've been searching for. I left feeling like a Queen. Thank you Bee :) 

Never go anywhere else.



Karen B. says: I found Bee on the internet and my hair has thanked me ever since. Her website set the tone for her professionalism which she never lost during my visit. My hair looks and feels great. I can't wait for my next appointment! I have referred my friends to her as well. 





Micro Braids Well Done as Usual



Sheryl M. says: I have been using the services of Braids by Bee for over a year. They are a professional establishment and do excellent work. You can count on Bee and Tashai to deliver what they promise and they provide a pleasant atmosphere in their shop. I highly recommend them. 

Once for twists; the second time for braids...



E Jerome .. says: And it has been a pleasure each time. My first experience was with Tashi and she was precise and expeditious. As you can assume, Bee provided the service the second time around this past Saturday morning. Both times I felt the environment was welcoming and clean. I cannot thank these two women enough. Between their wealth of knowledge and legitimate enthusiasm for their craft, I cannot see myself going any place else. I've provided their cards to anyone who's looking for a professional, or whoever I think needs their hair touched up. Seriously. Thank you, ladies. 

An Amazing professional experience



Seleste A. says: I had a full weave done by Tashai, she was quick, polite, easy to talk to and I felt comfortable. My hair came out amazing. The braids underneath the weave are secured and tight enough to the point that they will last, but not so tight that my head would hurt. She gave me great tips about how to take care of the weave as this is my first full weave. She told me where to go to purchase the products, and what works best and why. I will absolutely come back again and I will also give out referrals to others looking for a quality, quick and professional experience. Thank you so much Tashai and Bee for taking this amazing journey to build a professional salon that truly expresses your love for your craft as it shows in everything you do and all of the quality work I have seen on your website, including my own hair. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Sisterlock updo



Shannon P. says: I love my hair style! I went for a simple updo and left with an amazing learning experience about ways to keep up my look. Tashi was truly great and answered all my questions. 




Wayland A. says: Bee and Tashi did and excellent job. I went in there thinking I was going to be all day but it only took 4 hours for such a great look. I will definitely be back for the maintenance of my dreadlocks. These two ladies works perfectly together and keeps you well entertained will getting fix up!!! Keep it up girls 

Right on time



Kiandra b. says: Those two ladies are the bomb. Big ups to Tashi n Bee. I spent little time there but was very comfortable, i enjoyed getting my hair braided. Looking forward to trying something else. See you two soon. Thanks Alot,,, 11-9-13.. kiki 

Small Box Braids Done to Perfection



Crystal W. says: My appointment date was 10/11/2013- I must say I had a wonderful experience with Ms. Bee and Ms Tashi. These ladies are awesome and work very well together. I have natural hair and they were patient and very informative.They have a wealth of knowledge and made my braiding experience a great one. I am so pleased with the timely manner that they not only gave me a "blow out" on my natural hair, but the braiding process. I will definitely be returning for the upkeep of my braids, and additional services when needed. I have already recommended them to my co-workers and everyone compliments me on my hair. Very nice , very neat, and I am very pleased! Thank you ladies :-) 

Medium Rope Twist 4hours-Bra lenghth but I was done in 2hours 1/2 need I say more



Tery S. says: I arrived for my appointment this saturday 9/28/2013 at 10:30am and i was done by 1;30pm , need I say more... very professional staff, pleasant atmosphere. Ive been receiving compliments since I got my rope medium rope twist done. I referred two individuals since then.

I made a last minute appointment...



Pat G. says: but Bee had a spot free for me. I was 10 minutes late and let her know via text. When I arrived, Bee and Tashai started to get going. But because I had not been able to drop off my dog at my mom's house, I had him with me. They were kind enough to allow him to sit in their back room. Their space was clean and uncluttered. They kept a movie on for entertainment. The conversation during the process was honest and I didn't even notice the time especially since both ladies are funny and braid amazingly fast! Something I thought would take the quoted 4 hours, took only 2.5 hours. The finish was amazing! Beautiful rope twists and no scalp pains because the braids are secure but not tight! I am going to come back and get smaller twists in the future. BTW, I ended up getting way more than I expected because our conversation turned into a much needed confidence booster and pep talk. Thank you for your kindness and your good service Bee and Tashai!




Bridgitte E. says: I enjoyed my experience with Bee and Tashi. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed. They promised that the service would not take more than four hours and they delievered on that promised. I left Bee's feeling completely satisfied and loving my braids. I have found my new home for braids. Thank you Bee and Tashi 

Thank you ladies for a job well done



Roberta A. says: I Have to say my experience in the salon was a wow in aw because Bee salon was the first salon in went to and it was a clean environment there was no cursing they pay attention to their customer and they treat you with respect. They make you feel welcome, its kid friendly environment meaning it is safe to bring your kids to do their hair. I would recommend it to any one who's looking for a professional salon Bee Salon is the IT FACTOR. 

Loc Maintenance



Leonard M. says: I definitely have to give it up to Bee for an excellent job with my hair. We talked for awhile as she did my hair and I love how open and honest she is. She loves what she does and her knowledge and experience is on full display in her work. Highly, highly recommended. I will be back again. 

"Simply the best"



Yalonda J. says: It is such a joy to have beauticians that don't send you home with a headache for several days. Not only is my kinky twist neat and even, but Bee finished my hair in half the time. Bee also squeezed me in last minute. I love the quality of work each and everytime I get my hair done with Bee and Tashai. Thanks so much!!! See you for my next hair creation! 

Micro Braids



Dr. J. says: Bee did a great job! She is fast, efficient and very informative. I will definitely go back! 

Box Braids



Lynn H. says: These ladies are very professional and hospitable..feels like home. They braid fast, everyone loves my styles. I always leave looking sexy. I've been going there for 1 year. 

Dreads maintained



Connie C. says: Connie C says: If you need your hair done right,call on Bee. She braided both of my daughters hair and maintained my dreads and believe me we had no complaints. We were right at home. 




Tasha H. says: I love Braids by Bee. She did a great job on my hair and my daughters' hair . She was fast and our braids were so neat and pretty. I would recommend this shop.... GREAT JOB !!!! 




Leanor B. says: As always you walk in and Bee always makes you feel like family, been with my girl for a lot of years now. Bee keeps my head on point, and that should tell you plenty. Enough ya Bee see ya in a couple weeks! 

Dread Extension



Kendrick's L. says: I'm very satisfied with Bee. Great job and love my hair. I got a standing ovation at work as soon as I walked in the door. Yes!!! I will be coming for my touch-up within five weeks. 

You get what you pay for ! 



Nicole S. says: My goal was to get my hair done beautifully,fast and in a friendly environment. Too many times we as women try to go to someone that is cheap to get our hair braided/twisted. And that's exactly what we get... A cheap head of braids/twist that slide out, pop our edges out or a head full of gel and wax. Better yet we go to NuNu's house because she only charges $80, but she has to stop every 30 mins to feed her baby, she's texting and talking on her phone , and worst of all shes smoking while doing your hair! I found my spot ! Braids by Bee has a beautiful interior, comfortable atmosphere and AMAZING stylists! My appointment was @ 1pm...... 3:07 Tashi was dipping my twist in hot water! Never have I had such fast and great service. Yes the price is different from what many are used to , but it's worth it. I was able to put my hair in a ponytail after an hour of it being done. It was neat, not tight and better than I expected it to look! Kuddos to Bee and Tashi! 




David M. says: My son and husband have been using Bee for a while now and she is professional, courteous and good at what she does. If you want a true professional to do your hair I highly suggest you contact her. She is easy to reach and returns calls, text or emails fast. We will continue to use her in the future. 

Rope Twists



Joanne H. says: I contacted Bee on a Sunday through text and in a matter of minutes an invoice was sent to pay for my deposit and my appointment was booked within 3 days of placing my deposit. I have never received exemplary service as I did from Tashai and Bee. The minute I entered the salon the decor blew me away. It was very chic and family friendly oriented as there was pictures on the wallof different services that are offered and pictures of Bee in her journey. Tashai was great. She was very entertaining, nice and respectful. She worked very quickly. My appointment was scheduled for 4:30 and I promise you I was done before 8pm. I was shocked when I looked at the time. She didnt even rush. The braids were very neat and tight, but not too tight. Bee and Tashai, worked well together, they are truly defined as a team. They both compliment each other. I expressed my concern about going natural to Bee and Tashai and they initially made me feel comfortable with my decision and gave me pointers about keeping the journey alive (lol). I am expected to make an appointment in 6 weeks to do my edges over so that this can last. I look forward to this being done. I AM VERY HAPPY!!! Initial Contact/Deposit Made: 6/2/2013 Appointment : 6/5/2013 Appointment Time: 4:30-7:45 Type of Service: Rope Twist (Medium Size, Long length) Cost of Service: PRICELESS


We’re so honored to hear that our clients have enjoyed their experience with us. In fact, we’re so honored that we’ve listed them above  in order to symbolize our dedication to our craft and our customers. Take a look above to see what the world is saying about us.

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