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Braids By Bee beauty salon brand
box braids and rope twist hairstyles on beautiful African women
Benite Beauty salon owner doing repairs on natural dreadlock in need of fixing broken dreads.


"If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance."
Orville And Wilbur Wright  

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Bee is the CEO & Founder of Braids by Bee Inc. Salon and render services that is her own artistic value.  Bee is the originator of InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ which is her own technique created from Repairing and growing healthy Natural Dreadlocks.  Bee has over 25 years of experience serving the community.  With clients world-wide Bee is well known by her clients and their children and family members.  

Benite Corion is the owner of Braids by Bee inc. and has been serving the greatest South Florida areas since 2011.  Benite Grew raise and born in Brooklyn, NY had a rough life.  However, thru many struggles was able to appreciate her talent learned at an early age.  Braiding Hair for years as a youth was an outlet for Benite growing up always had a purpose and way to serve one.  Never did I think I would own my salon and become a trendsetter in the beauty industry.  Since the age of 12 I would give out handmade gift car​ds to students in my school and charge the boys and girls to do their hair.  I was about making money at an early age.   Although thru years I have attempted other business ventures I always came back to my true love doing hair.  In early 2011 I decided to patent my brand as well as create a new product and service to the beauty industry.  It took almost 2 years, but my patent was finally approved.  

Many don't realize that my techniques and relevant services to those who have natural dreadlocks became a hit to many clients who needed this but didn't know what can be done.  I also discovered what clients needed by the many different request clients would send me.  Growing up I started my Cousins Dreadlocks and my Ex-Boyfriend dreadlocks.  I realize they both had different textures of hair and would not Lock up the same way.  I discovered there was many different methods in starting one's dreadlocks as well as different options for people with different texture hair.  But most of all What I have learned is that Natural human hair goes thru states of wear and tear as well.  

I would often laugh back then at my cousin who would come to me and complain about his hair falling out or ripping apart and he wanted it fix.  He would not take NO for an answer he was determined to have his hair put back in.  Now this was shocking to me because not only is he a man, but he had so much more hair that he really would not be missing anything.  But the point was he was attached to his hair, and he wanted it back.  I realize many others needed this type of help and started to advertise it first on YouTube.  This made me go viral and since then have been a global stylist.  

In 2018 My first salon was downsized, and I started over and moved to a salon suite from a retail salon.  I moved to be able to travel more and provide services internationally.  Since relocating and rebranding our services we have been expanding our business and also have been part of small business advocacy and Meta groups to offer more opportunities to our community.  

At this time Braids by Bee inc. is expanding and will be taking appointments in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Norfolk, VA at this time we only have two locations.  We are also in the process of working with local state and counties to offer classes our online classes.  We will be bidding on contracts and applying for grants to build our brand which you will be included because we will need your help to spread the word and support in any ways you can.  Stay tuned for more coming from Benite Corion the owner of Braids by Bee inc. and  InstantLoc Dread Extensions. 

Braids By Bee is set up to work by appointments for her time as a stylist she is the one who does all the hands-on work and has assistance to cater to her needs when doing a client's hair.  Bee also sometimes not able to answer calls, text or emails right away due to fact she does all the hands-on work at salon.  Many times, offering consultations to clients in person before scheduling a confirmed appointment.  Bee has not encountered any client she did not find a solution for which is why she is the master at her craft.  Bee is known to invent her own techniques which are all her copyright and trademarked services offered at her Salon Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot located in Lauderhill, Fl. 

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About Us


I’m Benite Corion Bee aka. The Dread Doctor, the owner of Braid By Bee Inc™ but also known as DreadsbyBee, and I’m here to offer a new, unique and amazing high-quality hair braiding product miles ahead of any competition you can find!  

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              Over the last few decades, Dreadlocks and Braids have integrated themselves into popular culture and are considered