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How long does it take to put in hair extensions?

It depends on what type of extensions service you will will receive on the day of your service.  However we work fast due to the way we work.  Box braids and Rope twist normally take less than 4 hours, Micro Braids may take us up to 4 hrs., Fusion Keratin Extensions takes up to 5-6 hours,  Long Kinky Twist takes up to 3 hrs  And Instantlocs™ varies depends on size and length client decides to get.  Invisible braids normal takes us 2-3 hrs.  Normally it will take between 3-5 hours to create your new style.  We work by appointment for this reason.  Once you book an appointment a deposit is required to confirm your spot.  Hair is suggested after booking is done.  

Image by Shari Sirotnak
Image by Element5 Digital
Hair Salon

How much will my Hair Extensions cost?

Price can vary depending on your needs and desires. Many clients simply wear Hair Extensions in order to add fullness to their Hair and not length. In this case cost will remain low ($150-$600). On the other hand, if someone with dense hair is looking for additional length, more hair must be added in order to maintain density from root to the new end. Therefore, cost increases accordingly ($900-$1400). A consultation is the best way to find out where in this spectrum you fall. The average price to add length is around $1000

Does it hurt to braid my hair? 

I was specifically asked to add this to website to inform customers that my braids are harmless.  We make sure we cater to tender headed scalp.  We have a protocol process for each individual.  We blow dry hair until completely straight, we then add moisturizer (grease), we then blow dry again to get the hair as straight as possible, therefore while we are braiding or applying extensions there won't be any tangles.  This is how we are able to say we do everything possible so your experience will be harmless and a great experience. 

Braids By Bee Inc pre arranges hair to feed into braid extensions this is picture of before and after box braids installed

Will I be able to comb/brush through my Hair Extensions?

Yes, combing through the Hair is a must. However combing through the actual Hair Extension bond is not possible. Combing over the bond with a boar bristle brush is recommended in order to keep the Hair around the bond from tangling with neighboring bonds.

If referring to Braids or dreadlocks you cannot comb thru or brush thru these hairstyles. 

Will my Hair Extensions need to be tightened?

Our Hair Extensions are always recommended for upkeep maintenance.  We are in the business to grow hair not break hair. Our braids we recommend coming back within 4-5 weeks to redo edges if you are the type to keep in your braids for 2-3 months.  Those we gets Instantloc Dread Extensions ™ We recommend once a month maintenance.  As your new growth comes in we need to secure them and reinforce roots before they fall out from roots.  Edges are very fragile and during consult we let you know your fragile areas

pretty-young-casual-female-with-dreadlocks-enjoying music
fishbone braids on girl with long hair

How much is maintenance and how long does it take?

Everyones maintenance cost is different we discuss this during your consult what your options are for maintenance after.  You are required to come in for maintenance every 4-6 weeks 

*if a client doesn't continue maintenance in a monthly fashion then you will need a consult every time your coming back for repairs.  

How do I match the Extension Hair color to my own Hair color?

Bee will make the decisions in respect to color matching. The Extension Hair is available in a wide variety of colors and in most cases several different colors will be used in order to achieve the most natural look

box braids closer look of pattern
Man with dreadlocks starter locs and thinking of whats next


Well to start you can look on my website for pictures of previous hair styles i have done and see if you can find something you like.  If not you can google images of braids and bring me a picture and I will try my best to get it as close to the style as you like.  My pictures are originals and are updated monthly


Yes, I can start dreads from scratch with all types of hair, Methods varies depending on texture of person hair.  No one is excluded from starting dreads, whatever texture hair you have it can be successful.  In order for you to get prices on dreads you must do  consultation first.  All hair textures due to clients being from all around the world who is different nationalities, hair textures are different.  Therefore different methods of how your look can be created will be discussed through our consultation. 

Happy woman upside down with natural dreadlocks
woman happy with her hair in her box braids happy to pose


NO, braids grows your hair not break it.  However if you leave on your braids for too long and don't get the edges redone after 6 weeks it will continue to have new growth that will break if not taken cared of immediatly when noticable.  I recommend you come in and get your edges redone after 6-8 weeks if you decide to keep it in longer.  *Please note that breaking of your own hair is possible if you don't remove braids the right way.  Please read info on removing braids or twist the right way.  

Can I use Treatment on my Dreads?  

Yes you can treat your hair as often as you like.  We also recommend and provide good treatment in our salon.  We promote hair growth and scalp treatment.  Although you have dreads you may have a problematic area that will cause you not to sleep at night.  Don't worry we have solutions to treat dreads.  Sometimes you have to come in and see a specialist in that department.  And at Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. we treat your hair to grow.  However we recommend you do hot oil treatments on your own time before coming in for maintenance. 

Man with black and red dreadlocks in form of mohawk men hairstyle.
Man with dreadlocks in park holding tablet.


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Caucasian man with dreadlocks

Is wax good for dreadlocks?

Wax is great for dreadlocks, it helps moisturize them while holding together while they are new and premature, however when dreadlocks are matured and long you can result to only using gel for Locs and no wax due to residue it leaves behind. 

How often should I wash my dreadlocks?

You should get in the habit of washing your dreadlocks every  month, your dreadlocks will lock up fast and they will look and smell good at the same time. As long as you wash your dreads once a month you should be fine.  When you are just starting out you can't wash for first three months.   Instantlocs™ can be washed right away.  However when starting natural locs you have a schedule to go by before you can do washes often.  However for those who work out or have hair scalp issues may need to wash there hair once a week and its possible that many have to practice this to keep hair from smelling if you have a schedule that allows you to sweat out.  

African american woman starts sisterlocks with Instantloc Dread Extensions before and after images
Image by Dom Aguiar


Braids and Twist Extensions can last for up to 3 months if you mantain your hair pretty well.  Which means, no swimming with braids, no working out and sweating out braids to an extent, no washing synthetic hair and most human hair.  Braids or Twist Extensions  are holding your natural hair down however texture of your natural hair may change if you get excessively wet.  Some braid like Micro Braids Human hair extensions are durable hair styles for working out or getting wet, however some time texture of your own hair may be noticable when gets fuzzy.   Your braids can be shined or greased with an oil base base hair spray with no alchohol daily, you should tie down braids every night with a du-rag (handkerchief type scarf made for hair).  Braids should not be washed unless you ask your stylist first.  If you have wet and wavy hair you should buy a spray bottle and mix bottle half with tresemme conditioner for curly hair into bottle and other half with water.  shake it well and spray on ends daily, you can also add non-alcohol mousse on ends mostly the applied hair not your natural hair.  Keep your natural hair as dry as possible to avoid any extensions from falling out.  Extensions are secured in every way possible but just like a nail can break you may lose a few braids from styling.  Edges can be redone at half the price paid if you decide after 6 weeks you want to keep them in longer your edges will need to be redone because this is the thinnist part of your hair. 

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