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About Our
Dreadlock Extensions

Awesome Locs is the Best Revenge

The most common question: 

What  is 
Dread Extensions™?

Is Faux Locs and InstantLoc 
Dread Extensions 
the same thing?

The Definition of Permanent Dread Extensions our Brand At Braids By Bee Inc.™

"InstantLoc Dread Extensions"

by Benite Corion


 Braids By Bee Inc.  

Ceo and Founder Copyright and Trademark Services. 

FAUX LOCS - Faux Locs is the term for "Fake Dreads" and is known to wear as a style not permanent. The word Faux means Fake in French and is a term to represent not real.  This type of Faux Locs is installed with synthetic Marley hair sometimes some use some kanekolan hair on ends to make look natural all around this is a temporary look and not done if you want to start your journey and start growing your own locs and have the look you want right away.  This is the difference between our InstantLocs is not used by synthetic hair and is done for those wanting to start dreadlocks naturally with a little enhancement.

Ok, Faux Locs and InstantLocs is different?



Installing Permanent Dreads by wrapping your current hair into prepared section and create Instant Dreads with human afro hair that matches texture of Your hair.  We Make our custom Locs to the size of length you desired in combination of using your own hair as ours to create your Locs as you sit in our salon.  Our technique of applying the hair to yours to create Locs instantly is proven method of starter Locs for many of my clients.  This also helps those with thin hair or hair loss issues to get a hair style they will not be able to obtain because of pre-existing issues.  With this method of starting your dreadlocks,You skip ugly stages and have the look you want right away.  Once we custom make your dreadlocks they are yours and you continue to grow out your own hair as well as your new Locs and we continue to maintain monthly. 

VIRGIN INSTANTLOCS™ - Human natural locs that are recycled from another human being hair that was donated to someone to attach to purchaser.  We reattach dreadlocks with either your own Locs that was cut off prior and want them restored.  We also sell Vigin Locs for installation.    Hair sold by Bee™ limited quantity. This install we also custom make your instantLoc Dread Extensions from your roots then combine your Locs purchased or bought in by client.   

Starting Dreadlocks do your research first. 

The most Common Questions answered here.  

Pictures will be shown here to show examples of the work only done by Benite Corion

and assistant Sariah her daughter. 



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Before and after of gentlemen who has InstantLoc Dread Extensions installed

InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Start Your journey today with
InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Our Dread Extensions service provides the perfect solution for those who have been struggling to get their dreadlocks back. Using our specialized process, we securely reattach your dreadlocks from the roots, leaving them looking brand new. We also use natural products to ensure that the reattached locs maintain their original luster and strength. Our Locs Reattached service is the perfect solution to restore your dreadlocks.

installed instantloc dread extensions on Caucasian hair
Starting Dreadlocks on client from Texas flew in to Florida to get InstantLoc Dread Extensions permanent installations once done.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions

InstantLoc Dread Extensions are the perfect solution for anyone looking to repair their dreadlocks or start them from scratch. Our custom-made, hand-crafted dreadlocks provide a hassle-free way to get the dreadlocks you want without having to go through awkward stages of growth. InstantLoc Dread Extensions provide an effective solution to a variety of hair issues while helping you achieve the look you desire.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions in Micro Sisterlocks size done within 3 days once done permanent hairstyle only done at Braids By Bee inc.

Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Our Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ are made with 100% Human Hair that can be washed, colored, blow-dried, and styled as desired. The extensions are applied quickly and easily with no glue, wax, or other adhesives needed. Clients can achieve a full head of dreads in just a few hours! Our extensions are available in a variety of colors and lengths, allowing you to create the perfect look for you.

Reattachment of Dreadlocks on Men natural hair

Locs Re-attached

Our unique Locs Reattached service provides a one-of-a-kind experience with quality results. Our expert technicians use Bee's innovative Virgin Instantloc Dread Extensions method to reattach your natural dreadlocks, restoring them to their original beauty. Our Locs Reattached service is designed to help you maintain the health and style of your dreadlocks, while enhancing their look. Our process ensures that your dreadlocks are securely and safely reattached for long-lasting results. Experience the beauty of our Locs Reattached service and give your dreadlocks the makeover they deserve.

We repair any texture hair with dreadlocks that needs a loctician specialist master at her craft.  Bee travels globally to provide her trademark services on dreadlocks.

Virgin Loc Dread Extensions

Bee's Virgin Instantloc Dread Extensions are the perfect solution for anyone looking to restore their dreadlocks. Our natural products allow the reattached locs to maintain their original strength and luster. Our process enables the locs to be securely reattached at the roots, giving them a brand new look. Bee's Virgin Instantloc Dread Extensions are the best choice for anyone looking for a simple, safe and effective way to restore their locs.

Image by Romina Farías

Virgin InstantLoc Dread Extensions

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