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Benite Corion



The future rely on us to share our natural gifts. 

Braids By bee inc.

sisterlocs instantloc Dread Extensions

An Idea is Born

This idea was invented by Benite Corion aka Braids By Bee™ and was first an option to repair natural dreadlocks and create Locs to fill in areas that needed filling in.  Then one day someone ask can I start there SisterLocs on there hair but didn't want to cut there hair and start from scratch.  The clients hair was permed straight and was only natural for about 3 months.  She Saw what I did on Caucasions hair and was confident that I can start her journey for her.  


Our First Issues the  problems I was solving with Natural Locs...

Clients started asking about fixing issues like bald spots, edge being missing or thinned out and fell out.  Some clients had there dreads saved to re-attach, or some had it done but was not professionally put back together so its detectable.  Some clients needed me to create dreads from scratch to fill in areas that was missing.  Our experience with Sisterlocs many clients attempt to get it done naturally and don't like the outcome of the thin areas with no coverage.  This is what we do, we add density to your already existing sisterlocs converting them to InsantLoc Dread Extensions. This not only enhances the look it also adds security to very fragile thin dreads that may break off if not reinforced.  


12" Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions

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Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions


I was told I could not start sisterlocs because my hair is too thin what can you do with it?  Well I can give you the look your going for by custom making your micro locs with InstantLoc Dread Extensions in micro size that will give this effect.  .

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12" Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Start Micro Locs with our Instatnloc Dread Extensions.  These are permanent once installed and takes up to 24 hrs to install. 

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12, 10, 8" Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions 


start Micro Size Sisterloc size Instantloc Dread Extensions all same length.  This install is permanent once done this took us up to 3 days to complete hairstyle at 8 hrs a day. .

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12-14" Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Start Micro Size BrotherLoc Instantloc Dread Extensions with combination of our human hair and your own human hair we custom make your Locs.  

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12" Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

I would like to start dreadlocks but I have short edge? No problem we start your Locs with instantLocs Dread Extensions where you have lack of your own hair we use our hair combined with yours to create InstantLocs. 

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10" Micro InstantLoc Dread Extensions

I have always wanted sisterlocs but I was consulted and told my hair is too thin?  This is why we recommend startingw ith our InstantLoc Dread Extensions methods.  We add hair or fill in areas you are lacking of to create the look you want.  

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Starting dreads but I have a thin spot In middle.  No problem we solve this problem by installing Instantloc dread extensions to start your journey. 


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6-8" Pencil Size InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

I started my dreadlocks freeform and now I need them repaired. Greate Instantlocs will give you great results.  We repair your Locs by converting to neater methods. 

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I have wick Locs can you repair them? Yes I can depends on what your looking for InstantLoc s methods solves many of our dreadlock situations.

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Loc Repairs

I started dreadlocks but discovered my hairline is receding and need help.  This is what we cater to those who needs a little enhancement a little filling in on some areas of head that theres no evidence of hair growth. 

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"No age limit on when you want to starting your dreadlock Journey." 

Be Adventurous 

Be Bold 

Why Wait

When you can have the look you want today with our InstantLoc Dread Extension™


 Sizes of Sisterlocks may vary due to clients natural hair texture when starting, if theres no hair or permed hair will be the thinnest if your hair is natural and thick and a lot of growth they will look a little thicker.  Thickness and length can be adjusted according to your hair and what we add to make your custom Locs. 


InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ is Braids by Bee Brand and Registered Trademark technique of installing Dreadlocks that becomes permanent once her technique is installed into your hair. Our product is custom Locs we make from scratch to enhance your own.  We have the ability to make thicker, extend and reconstruct and relocate where it is mostly needed.


Braids By Bee™ starts journeys for those who have natural hair or permed hair.   We also can start your Dreadlock Journey with our InstantLoc Dread Extensions consult with us today. We specialize in creating your Look and will like to offer you all the options possible. 


Braids By Bee Inc. 

Bee's Testimony

This brand was originated by Benite Corion in the early 1980's when taking care of clients natural grown dreadlocks we experienced breakage, thinning, balding in areas that cause someone not to be able to wear there hair in styles they wanted.  Now as you get older everyone knows your hair does not grow the same way and becomes thinner as you age.  My boyfriend at the age of 14 I already had two clients who came to me with every issue they had with their dreadlocks.  Well this is how I came up with InstantLoc Dread Extensions it came from me finding a solution for those that had natural dreadlocks and needed a replacement or fixes that was never created.  Well Bee not only created a solution and found the perfect solution but is able to create a full head of Dreadlocks that can be created from scratch from techniques I learned from repairing Real Natural Locs.  With this method it was not detectable if I was to enter one or two false dreads into a full head.  So with this idea.  Benite created the term InstantLoc Dread Extensions for this form of dreadlocks.  This is not Faux Locs or just simple Dread Extensions this is a brand originated from the stylist herself from years of experience of bandaging many clients locs till I found the undetectable solution.  This solution blends well with your hair cause it looks just as natural and authentic as real dreadlocks.  My InstantLoc Dread Extensions are permanent and done with highest quality of organic hair that is our trade secret to how our locks are genuinely authentic.  Bee tells you how to keep up your dreadlocks and how to continue growth of your new journey.  Clients that has had this done never cut it out, they may cut it shorter as there hair will grow faster now that you have Locks.  However clients who invest in there hair journey are investing in the future of there new look.

Due to our invention we have solved many problems in todays dreadlock world.  We have been doing 
unprecedented non traditional life change for our clients who has experience our type of service. 
Clients who complain of no edges we are able to fill in those areas with our InstantLoc Dread Extensions.  Clients who complain of their Dreadlocks thinning at roots we invented the reinforcement maintenance.  We have clients who dreadlocks are tearing in between causing breakage in between we are able to reconstruct and reinforce those areas to save the length of the dreadlocks.  We have clients who has balding areas on crown or middle or head areas and we invented Loc Bridge hair units.  We have clients who wants to have longer length and we have invented techniques to extend your length of dreadlocks.  We have created many solutions to solve the many issues with dreadlocks today. At Braids By Bee inc., we know the right treatment can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars. We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury. Take time to pamper yourself by booking an appointment today. 

Benite Corion Ceo & Founder of Braids by Bee Inc. 

Sisterlocks Dread Extensions started with Braids By Bee techniques called Instantloc Dread Extensions™