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Braids By Bee Inc. is proud to offer our services in several cities across the country through our Travel Schedule. We are dedicated to making our services accessible to as many clients as possible. Our team of talented stylists are always up for new challenges and never compromise on quality, no matter where we are. Visit our website for more information about our Travel Schedule and make an appointment today!

Bee visits you in your state by request 

To see Bee personally in your state on one of the posted states out of town visit.  We need to get started quickly.  Bee only comes to each state for less then 3-4 days. For this reason time and amount of clients that can be covered is limited.  We offer initial virtual consultation which we review your options discuss what can be done.  You select the option at the time of consult.   

Travel update: 

Virginia : Nov 11-16 

Email for more information to bee seen out of state 

Book now 

Benite Corion owner of Braids By Bee inc. Salon standing in front of salon window.

You are on the schedule

Once you have accepted the terms reviewed by you your last step is to accept the estimates and pay deposit.  We require all payments to be paid off before your initial visit for install or repairs.

 We don't take payments on day services are rendered unless paying by Cash/USD.  

Once deposit is paid you will be added to the schedule and will receive a confirmed appointment time, location and what services you will be receiving on that day.  However not confirmed until paid in full.  Your payments will be spit in 2/3 to allow time to pay before your scheduled appointment.  Once your booked we will see you on day of service with the products and  hair that was purchased by you when choosing your selection.  At the time of your appointment  you are allowed to come with food or any electronics with you to pass your time by.   Once your appointment is confirmed an address will be sent to you where exactly we will be rendering your services hotel and suite numbers given on days before scheduled appt so client can make their travel; preparations. 

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