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What you wanna know before starting.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions brand and logo for handmade dreadlocks with human hair for hair replacement options.

Did you know the amount of work that can be done on dreadlocks, on this page we answer a few most frequently ask questions and give results.  The options we offer to transform clients' dreadlocks are our own trademark product and service techniques used.  To find out more a consultation is needed to fully understand what we do and all the options we can offer you. 


Sisterloc InstantLoc Dread Extensions done at Braids by Bee inc. starter locs done with extensions

Wanna Start Locs most frequent questions? 

Did you know every texture hair is different and dreadlocks can be started on any texture hair? Did you know that Bee specialize in starting dreadlock Extensions.  However though out the 30 years of starting dreads for many clients today she discovered everyone has different taste.  Everyone has different issues starting out.  Many need some enhancements or some not but can use the techniques Bee has invented due to wanting perfect dreadlocks.  Due to these reason you need a consultation, Bee will need to see pictures of your hair status starting off and then she can make recommendations to you and give you options to choose from.


I want to start dreadlocks cause I don't like getting my hair done.....

Starting your Dreads you will need to maintain them now.  Maintaining dreads is gonna be a challenge if your not use to getting your hair done.  Starting means you will want to keep them up they are not just a one time thing.  They have to be washed every month and for dread extensions reinforcement is needed in roots every 6-8 weeks.  As your hair grows it will require maintenance.  The most common comment I hear is I don't like doing my hair. I then respond with then dreadlocks is not for you.  To have neat dreadlocks you have to maintain them monthly.  Once installed Bee becomes your permanent hairstylist. 

When one is deciding to get there dreadlocks repaired and looking for the best person to execute this job.  We At Braids By Bee inc. is known to repair dreadlocks, create hair replacements and hair units for balding clients.
Dreadlocks done with InstantLoc Dread Extensions


What is the difference between Faux Locs and Instantlocs? I would just like some dreadlock extensions.

InstantLocs™ is done in sort of the same technique to apply it to your hair as faux locs, but the difference the quality of hair used to make our Instanatlocs look authentic because our hair being used is Organic.  The best part of our Instantlocs is that you can grow out your natural hair with this hair never having to remove it.  This hair grows with your hair as a protective style and instant way of starting your locs without going thru the ugly stages of waiting for it to lock up.   Bee method of Dread Extensions the fastest way to have Natural Dreads Bee calls hers InstantLocs™.  No more ugly stages, with BraidsByBee Techniques @  Braids by Bee at The Braiding Depot Inc. #1 Salon in South Florida that caters to Dreads, Braids, Twist, Crochet Braids, Sewn in Weft, Natural hair. #1 Salon in South Florida with 5 Star reviews. #1 Salon in South Florida that offers appointments, Deposits, and offers express service.  #1 Salon that caters to Natural hair remedies, Fixes, Repairs, Solutions for growing your natural hair long. #1 Salon that has won multiple Braiding Contest from Peoples Choice Magazine that keeps us motivated. Upscale Hair Salon caters to you for Dreadlocks with Class. 


Bee how did you become well known for your methods? 

I have created my own methods in growing and starting Dreads from scratch that Bee is well known for.  BraidsbyBee dreads are known to be natural, lifelong lasting dreads.  The dreadlocks Bee creates from scratch installed on your hair will be yours permanently forever yours.  You will be able to wash it, style it, color it do as you please soon as installed.  (we don't recommend coloring at home must be done by professional).  However your dreads are done with the highest quality human hair added to enhance and create your locks instantly.   

Bee does Dreadlock Extensions which is a rare type of style if you want the Instant look of Dreads. Depending on choice of hair Human or synthetic used,  you can choose to keep 

in your hair forever. ** I only use synthetic hair if your hair is a rare color can't be found in human hair.  Other than that Human hair is best option for realistic look as well as your able to keep it in for life.  Synthetic hair will begin to scratch and itch after a while due to the synthetic fibers.

  So in other words if you had permed hair but thought you had to cut your hair off to start over, your wrong.  Bee can start your locks with the length of hair you have now.  Instant locks Bee calls it, is a way of starting locks without having to go thru the rough ugly stages.  Grow out your natural roots till we can palm roll twist your roots just like normal dreadlocks.  You can continue to add more  hair to roots of extensions to roots when coming in to do your maintenance after 4-5 weeks, or retwist your natural roots to start our own lock naturally.  Most people with thin hair choose to add more hair every time they do maintainance, however those with thicker new growth natural hair can start there own naturally by just palm roll twisting roots. 

Bee also re-attaches your natural dreadlocks that you may have cut off years ago, however want your look back.  Bee will have your look back in one day.  With Bee techniques at Braidsbybee everyone will think your hair grew back overnight, best part about it you can say you decided you wanted your dreads back and your found just the right person to make it happen.  You will be amazed with the work we have done with re-attaching someones natural locks.  We also have clients that has purchased dreads from online or was given natural healthy looking dreads from a family member and we have attached it to your own hair to make it your own.  Now if you don't have any dread at all, or just want dread extensions well we can do that too.  We create dreads any size, length and color and giving them a better look then they originally had with the extra length this process may add.  We match your hair color, we recommend the best process or best options for your hair.  We will offer you options never heard of before because this is what we specialize in.  

Dread locks have been around for a long time. Over the years people have come up with a number of ways to make them. On this site I'm going to tell you 9 different ways to make them, how to maintain them, show you my dreadlocks pictures, and tell you about the history of dreadlocks.


"In the first three weeks your dreadlocks be will very delicate and you'll want to wash them about

 every 6-7 days. After they have had a chance to establish themselves

 a bit you can begin washing them every 2-3 days.

Benite Corion the owner of Braids By Bee inc. and InstantLoc Dread Extensions™
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