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Benite Corion

Benite owner of Braids By Bee inc. repairing dreadlocks after maintenance at beauty salon

The future rely on us to share our natural gifts. 

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thin locs reinforced with instantlocs methods

My locs are restored, given strength and secured all because of Braids By Bee Inc. Methods used to do my Locs Maintenance, unlike any others, a class of her own.  


Braids By Bee Inc. 


When Natural Dreadlocks are started off thin and you have what they call Sisterlocs Or Brotherlocs.  The best way to keep them healthy and keep growing and showing your true length is by doing my technique of reinforcing your roots every quarter.  What Bee means by reinforcing roots.  Bee takes strands of human hair and wrap around your new growth hair allowing your loose hairs to be entwined with your natural new growth hair.  This type of maintenance last for up to 4 months.  Allowing your roots to Naturally Loc Up neatly and stay separated. 

The problem we sell is replacing dreadlocks that are missing on ones head


Repairing Bald areas for those who have been growing there natural dreadlocks for over 20 years, yes there is still a chance I can help.  As  you can see on picture below client here flew in from Ny and needed to have some of her dreads rearranged.  What BraidsbyBee means by rearranging is.  She had many multiple dreads hanging on one Loc on the bottom.  Bee took some of her natural locs and reposition them to areas that was more needed such as the top.  Most of these dreads was at one point in the front however during years of maintenance it slid to the back which is why so many in back are twins or triplet dreadlocks.  This is what normally happens when your locs are so thin at roots that it is migrated to the next healthier dreadlock closest to it.  This makes it heavy for one dread to hold so many heavy locs so eventually those thin out at roots and fall off.  Bee has solutions for all types of different situations.  

The repairs on dreadlocks done at Braids by Bee


Braids by Bee is known as Dreads by Bee to many who has received dread repairs for natural locs.  Natural Locs also thins out due to medication, or natural issues, or diet or many other reasons to why your hair may fall out.  Many times it takes a long time to get this growth back.  To help we can repair and replace Locs in areas that are more needed in order to wear your hair versatile.  Bee offers private consultations for natural Loc Repairs due to fact everyone is different.  We all have different issues.  

before and after dreadlock repairs on nature hair


Sometimes being natural and going natural can go all wrong, with intentions on starting out dreads and it doesn't just happen, this young client of mine was going thru a transition and needed a makeover on her natural hair.  Bee started sisterloc Instantloc Dread Extensions to start her jourmey the correct way. Parting her hair in square masonry parts.

Before and after images of girl with natural hair transition to instantloc dread extensions


InstantLoc Dread Extensions was used to fill in the client balding area in middle of crown area.  This issue is common for those who naturally had long and healthy hair when younger but as you grow older your hair does not grow the same way.  This causes your Locs to become heavy and the thin roots can no longer carry the weight of your natural dreadlocks.  Some add two dreads together making the weight on the individual dreadlock even heavier.  Your Locs need stop be reinforced every 2-3 times a year.  For this client a bride was needed.  A bridge was added and InstantLoc Dread Extensions with human hair was added to bridge to fill in crown area. We then repaired and reinforced all roots to dreadlocks. 

dreadlocks styles


Client here needed a bridge and edges to be reinforced to give strength to all Locs.  Her dreads in the back was a few multiple dreads that was relocated to front area where was mostly needed.  InstantLoc Dread Extensions was added to bridge area in the middle crown area where was mostly needed.  Bridge has to be tighten up every 3 months as your new growth grows out.  Custom  Hair Units for Bald clients made by Braids By Bee

dreadlock hair wigs created by braids
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