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Donate to Projects


We are so excited to share our current projects with you and invite you to read more about them.

Braids By Bee Inc. is an innovative hair company that has recently launched creative projects, such as asking for donations of dreadlocks to help build the business. They are committed to providing a lifetime of teachings and trends to the hair industry, and those who contribute to their cause will be included in all of it. Learn more about their projects today  

We also take monetary donations to help us expand our business there are many plans in motion to change how we are mis represented and looking t to change how we as hair braiders or locticians are essentially needed and will be consistent if they recieved the training and the back up by higher ups.  Braids By Bee inc. is currently working on changing things around to benefit not only her business but all those that wants to start there own business how to do it and be successful.  Every other industry has a Professional association but Braiders and Locticians don't its about time we change things around and we show how important we are to our communities.  

Braids By Bee inc. owner Benite Corion holds her product well known as Instantloc Dread Extensions her brand.


Braids By Bee inc. logo for patent services and products offered globally.

Braids by Bee is offering Braiding and Dreadlock Courses and workshops.  These techniques are not taught any where else.  These are trademarks of Braids By Bee inc. specifically to learn our methods and techniques of new trends we have created in the beauty industry.  

Braids by Bee beauty salon owner in Fl, and Va  inc. headshots at salon.


Braids By Bee inc. logo for services and products

Braids By Bee inc. has been successful in Business and has a great way of telling her story and inspires all to take the risk and step up there game and break free from fear and take the first step to Entreprenuership.  Bee started another business called Time to Mind My Business and offers Mentorship and Business Coaching for those who needs the extra push and will provide clarity onto the plans they are in store for.  Can book me @

Corn Row Braids on women


Braids by Bee inc. logo

Braids by Bee inc. Main goal is to be an actual School of Arts that students will have a place to call home one day.  This I would say is my 5 year goal plan.  Eventually our students will have more than just online classes they will be able to come into a School of Arts Building and be able to practice there trade in a facility provided by the state or county with the help of Braids By Bee inc. working on this to happen with current state.  Donations can be made to our Paypal Fundraising account.  

Consult with an expert on dreadlocks at Braids by Bee inc


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Braids By Bee inc. is a vendor with current state and county allowing us to get Government Contracts to provide products as well as our services.  Our main goal is to have Government contracts to teach our curriculum to many beauty schools or after school programs or any where we can see that our classes will make a difference. 

Braids by Bee inc. owner of beauty salon Benite Corion stands in front of her location in Lauderhill, FL


braids by bee inc. logo

Our goal is to Franchise our Brand and allow those who have received the proper training and have invested into our company to be able to use our Trademarked branding.  

Donations accepted on PayPal  

Empower local families

As an entrepreneur in the hair industry for over twenty years, I have seen firsthand the challenges faced by hair stylists, especially those who belong to underrepresented communities. Braids By Bee Inc. is committed to providing resources and opportunities for underrepresented hair stylists. We are currently raising funds to build a School that will provide education, brand-building tools, and economic development resources for hair stylists from all backgrounds. We believe it's time to bring awareness and make a difference in the industry. Join us in our mission to support the next generation of hair stylists and help us build a brighter future.

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