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Thanks for visiting our Projects page which will give you an insight of what we are working on to expand our Business at Braids By Bee inc.  

We ask for Donations of Dreadlocks.  We ask for those who are not in use of there hair and it is stored away and not being used please put it to use.  We can use those donations to build our business and continue helping our community.  We will include you in all that Braids By Bee inc. is working on to expand in every community.  Discover how you can help this business not only stay active but also become one of the first to ever stay committed in giving back to the Hair industry a lifetime of teachings and new trends that will carry over to younger generations.  

We also take monetary donations to help us expand our business there are many plans in motion to change how we are mis represented and looking t to change how we as hair braiders or locticians are essentially needed and will be consistent if they recieved the training and the back up by higher ups.  Braids By Bee inc. is currently working on changing things around to benefit not only her business but all those that wants to start there own business how to do it and be successful.  Every other industry has a Professional association but Braiders and Locticians don't its about time we change things around and we show how important we are to our communities.  

Donations accepted on PayPal  

We are raising funds to build a School oaf Arts for underrepresented hair stylist in need of support in educating, building brands and economic development resources to be be available for those that have been forgotten about.  Being an Entrepreneur in the hair industry I realize that we too are segregated in categories they should be resources available to us but are not.  Braids By Bee Inc. would like to make a difference by bringing awareness to the industry and potentially reach new directions and outlest to have our stylist that are under represented to be recognized like never before.  

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